Friday, June 15, 2012

Danica Dances at her Recital

Danica performed in her second annual dance recital last weekend, and what a difference a year made. A year ago, she had only started dance class a few months prior to the recital, and although she was as cute as can be, she didn't have the routine down pat.

This year she was the prima ballerina, if you will, of her little group, coming out first and giving lots of direction to the others about what to do. She loves to dance and is happy as a clam being up on stage. No, she's not shy.

You do the best you can with photos when you're sitting in the audience of a darkened auditorium and the pictures are taken at difficult settings. Nevertheless, these are a few that I came up with and there are more in the slideshow below. There are also two video clips at the end. It's all for the record, folks, and only family is expected to sit through all of this. :)

Below, she cheers enthusiastically during the finalé.

A slideshow with a bunch more photos.

A video of the dance. You will see that Danica was the only one of the young group who seemed to know what she was doing.

A video of the final ceremonial proceedings cutting away from post and centering on Danica's closeups as well as that of her prime babysitter who was also mentioned for an award. On her second late night, she was pretty tired at this point and not as ecstatic as the previous night which Cuppa and I attended.



Donna said...

Oh I LOVED ALL of these Ac! SO many great shots...especially the little nose digger and Nikki's LOOK on her face!!Hahahaaaa.....and the one where ND's standing and looking off to the side and the background is blurred...LOVELY!!
Nice shots!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ah the things a grandpa does for love.

Mara said...

They are great photos and you can really see the difference from last year.

Diana said...

I watched it all A.C. N.D. did a beautiful job! I noticed that her little toe points were the best of all the girls! I can see why you're so proud!
Don't know if you celebrate Father's Day or not there, I don't think so. Either way, Happy Father's Day to you anyway!! Love Di ♥

Lorna said...

I have to call myself a family member and a proud one, having been drawn from the first photo to the last hurrah!

Pearl said...

wow, good for her.

Ginnie said... she comes !!!

Hilary said...

Well I may not be family but I've been enjoying your grands' journey for quite some time now and I felt that entitled me to seeing the photos, slideshows and videos. All totally enjoyable.

Danica did a fabulous job of leading the dancers. She sure did know what she was doing but it was a hoot to watch the others try to fall into place.

Your photos are marvelous despite the difficult lighting. I think they're great.

Thanks for sharing your little sweetie.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

A Star is Born!

It is all so girly, girly.

I loved the improvisation of some of the girls. These free spirits have not learned the discipline of the dance yet.

Where did they find all these white children. Has the ethnic mix of Canada not found the Ottawa burbs yet?

Jinksy said...

Thank you so much for that little floor show! A real treat... :)

Kila said...

Very good photos for such a setting! I especially like the first one :)

Regenia said...

Mu husband and I totally enjoyed watching the dance recital!! How cool was that, to "attend" the dance recital of a little girl in another country!

She DID know what she was doing, and appeared, as she does in all photographs of her, to be so in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.

Thank you for sharing this.