Monday, September 10, 2007

Re-Ploughing Old Furrows

... or Re-Plowing if you prefer

Because it had been quite a long since I did any web page coding, and because as a result my limited knowledge had become even more limited, I decided to do something about it. I decided to retake a little online course that I had first wended my way through several years ago. Oh, I could have simply reviewed the already on-hand materials, but I reasoned that having specific lessons (quite possibly upgraded with new information) with specific homework to be completed within a specific period of time would keep me on track. (Am I being specific enough do you think?)

It's true; the course will keep me on track, and I think it's good that I chose to take it ... or retake it, rather.

However ... I am finding, much to my chagrin may I add, that it ain't so much fun to re-plough old furrows. While I thoroughly enjoyed learning these skills in the first place, I am not quite duplicating my merriment in this endeavour to refresh my memory.

I conclude that learning is fun (for me) ... but reviewing ain't.


Laurie said...

I have done the same thing, AC. It's not nearly as much fun the second time around.

Ginnie said...

I feel really dumb AC. I'm not sure I know what "on-line coding" is. I just muddle along with my blog and hope it comes out OK but I'm happy that you're still in the learning mode.

Coll said...

I remember when I first taught myself HTML .. it was all so exciting. Back then .. actually having an idea in my head and being able to shape it into a readable web page gave such a feeling of accomplishment. Learning tables opened up a whole new internet world. :-)

Good luck with the re-plowing. Reviewing is never as exciting as the initial discovery.

mreddie said...

I do know the feeling but sometimes things that I have learned before look so very new when I look back at them - how could that be? ec

PBS said...

Usually NOT as much fun the second time around. For me anyway, there's always this feeling, "I should know this already!"