Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Closed for Business

I guess you have to expect the unexpected on a holiday weekend, but really now.

Saturday: we go to our favourite, locally owned burger joint. I don't want a burger though; I just want to take some of their delicious fries down to the park to munch on a beautiful afternoon. Sign on the door: Closed for the Weekend.

Sunday: For two years, I have been reading that The Ironworks over in Almonte has Celtic music on the first Sunday afternoon of each month. It is mentioned again this month in the local entertainment paper, so I decide to make an effort. You see it is my birthday, my sixtieth, so I'm looking for something special and different. We get to the door, hear no music and see no evidence of musicians. The hostess/server knows nothing about it, and I turn backs towards home mightily irked. We've been to The Ironworks more than once before, the last time only about a month ago, but I am so so peeved that I will think twice before I drop in again.

Tuesday: the weekend is over. Cuppa has been given medical orders to book some time with a physiotherapist. We drop by. A note on the doors informs us that they are closed today for the opening of school, they'll be open tomorrow. Yay!

What the heck is going on around here?


Paul said...

I'm glad your blog is open for business so I can post this comment!

Cathy said...

Hey! Happy BIG 60th, AC!! I guess you've already had enough excitement for the year, eh? Hope you're feeling a whole lot better and that your celebration with the family was swell :0)

thailandchani said...

There was a lot of that going on here, too! Places actually closed for the holiday. I can't help but see it as a positive development.

HBD! :)



Gina said...

Hey, you tried to sneak that one by, didn't you?

Happy Birthday, big guy!

ChrisB said...

Congratulations on your big 60th birthday albeit a few days late. What a disappointment to find 'the ironworks' closed on that special day!

Turtle Guy said...

We worked very long and hard over the holiday weekend, so I decided to take both Monday and Tuesday off.

I'm not sure if it irritated anyone, but the voicemail box was full this morning.