Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lost Lagoon, Lost Lady, Lost Luggage

Day 20

On our last day in Vancouver, we took a final walk in Stanley Park. On the previous evening, Althegal had mentioned that The Lost Lagoon was a pretty place and wondered if we had seen it yet. She had given us an idea of its general location, so we set off to find it. As it turned out, the lagoon was, indeed, a little bit lost because we had some trouble finding it. Even after obtaining directions from a passing cyclist, we were thwarted by various access paths being temporarily fenced off. On good days, I have a bit of a nose for directions, so I kept on heading where I thought it might be, and I eventually saw it off to my left and exclaimed to Cuppa that we had found The Lost Lagoon.

Unfortunately, even on her very best day, Cuppa has no sense of direction. In point of fact, I have never come across any mortal with a worse sense of direction. So, when I pointed out that the lagoon was no longer lost, she wailed rather desperately, "Yes, but where are we?" You see, because of her lack of directional sense, she becomes a trifle rattled when she doesn't know exactly where she is and how to get home from there. Did I say "trifle rattled?" That, my friend is a trifle of an understatement.

But I did get her there, and we sat at this lovely spot for a while and looked at the fountain, the geese and ducks (see top photo), and even two swans that paddled by (see next photo).

Day 20

As lovely as it was, however, the apprehensive lady was not really enjoying herself (see her anxious posture below).

Day 20

So, I didn't keep her there very long before beginning to guide her back home: except I took a route other than the one we came in on, along interior streets rather than the familiar path by the bay. This did not assuage her perturbed state in the least, for she became more lost than ever. It didn't help too much that I was reasonably sure of our position because unwilling was I to state it categorically with 100% assuredness. There were times when she was rather desperate to ask someone of our whereabouts, but I refused. I am a male and have some pride after all.

Well, it turned out that I did know where we were and was able to escort her ladyship back to the safe confines of the apartment. It was all quite straightforward really.The next day, however, when we arrived in Ottawa after a long flight which included a transfer in Toronto, we discovered that one of our pieces of luggage didn't make the transfer and was headed to Halifax. It was my luggage as a matter of fact.

The triumvirate was complete: Lost Lagoon, Lost Lady, and Lost Luggage.

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cat59 said...

Very clever the way you put things together. Looks like the Lost Lagoon was worth finding. Hopefully, your luggage didn't remain lost for long. Actually, sounds like you knew where it was; it just wasn't where you wanted it to be (the luggage, that is) :-)

Laurie said...

I'm like Cuppa, I have no sense of direction, whatsoever. But I don't really mind being fact I rather enjoy it. You see some of the most interesting things that way.

thailandchani said...

I can barely find my way out of my own livingroom.. so I can certainly understand the lack of an internal compass. :)

Beautiful pictures! It would be wonderful to sit in that place, a good book and some Diet Coke.

Geez! Heaven!

Ginnie said...

Ah, yes...I remember those days when the male (my husband) would do any amount of searching for the illusive "Lost Lagoon" rather than ask for directions. (It wasn't the same lovely spot where you were but the premise was the same!)

Coll said...

The pictures of the Lost Lagoon are just beautiful. So glad you were able to find your way home. I hope your luggage will eventually also.

mreddie said...

Enjoyed the photos and can relate to the lost luggage - happened to us back in April. ec

Pam said...

Oh no, not lost luggage! My husband had a suitcase show up after an entire year!

The photos are beautiful and this post quite entertaining.

Pearl said...

If one has to get disoriented, as Coll says, lovely place for it.

Bonita said...

Wonderfully written, AC, and so amusing, especially the photo. I feel like that often when we are 'out in the middle of nowhere' trying to find a canoeing site. But, it is more a matter of worrying about portaging rather than getting lost...all that way, and no access to the lake. Anxiety is not a good friend.

Cathy said...

Getting lost was a childhood phobia that I've tried to shed over the years. I'm sympathetic to Cuppa. Still - I'm so glad her knight in shining armor carried her and the day to a comfortable conclusion.

(Did the wayward luggage find it's way home?)

Cathy said...

P.S. The swans are beautiful.

TravelinMom said...

What BEAUTIFUL photos!! I hate to hear your luggage disappeared though. Have you ever seen Global Bag Tags? I started using them about a year ago and love them.

Anvilcloud said...

I had never seen those TMum, but they would be a good idea for those who are on the move a lot.