Friday, June 29, 2007

Cat People, Dog People

For sometime now, it has been my theory that there are dog people and there are cat people. You will be forgiven for thinking that I am about to enter the dreaded pet zone, for I am not. (Personally, and for the record, I like both: have a cat but really like dogs too.) No, it's simply that I find it useful to think of people as being more like dogs or more like cats. It's the temperament thing that I am onto here.

Here's just one example of a difference that we all know between the two animals. You open the door for your cat, he sits and stares and takes his time over his decision, and you never know what it will be. Nor does he. You open a door for your dog and she bounds out full steam ahead, possibly yipping and yapping but certainly wagging her tail furiously and eager to explore with vigour and enthusiasm.

Well, don't you think that people tend to be one way or t'other too? When we arrived in Vancouver Cuppa was acting very dog-like. She was immediately stimulated by the new sights and sounds, remarking on the size of the hedges, the beauty of the blooms, the gargantuan trees, and the greenness of the vegetation. Soon, she was taking pictures. She'd look to her right and snap a photo; same thing to the left. Look, snap; look, snap. Pant, pant; wag, wag.

Meanwhile, ole cat-like AC was warily regarding his new surroundings. "Hmmm ... what do I think of this? What about that? Do I like it or not ... hmmm? Well, I just don't know. I just wish that doggie person over there would just settle down a bit and give me time to assess. I need to chill, y'know. Let me lick my paws and wash for awhile and let things soak in. Good grief lady, we'll be here for weeks, do you have to wear out your camera in the first half hour?"

And that's how it goes, especially in a new situation. She wags her metaphorical tail with gusto, while I find a quiet corner in which to lick, wash and observe.

It was even a little bit that way being with The Girls. Everyone and every couple has a different style of being in this world, and it took the old guy just a little while to lock into and be comfortable with their way. Of course, I did: just had to get used to their ways.

As you well know, we are really speaking of extroverts and introverts, but the pet analogy really helps me. I think it works well. It's a dog of a world out there, but we pussy cats have our strengths ... and can be very affectionate and purr right in your ear.

Which are you?


thailandchani said...

Well... meow. :)

Definitely a cat person here.. and it is more of a dog world.

This analogy actually makes a lot of sense!



Granny said...


I'm probably a mix but much more catlike.

BTW, our alpha kitty pulls that stunt at the front door but she's learned that when I start counting, the door closes on 3.

karla said...

Very Interesting AC. You know, I think I am like Cuppa when it comes to new surroundings and wanting to get out there and explore, but when it comes to meeting people, I am much more like a cat person, and like to sit back and observe and listen for a while before I open up.

I guess that's why I have both cats and dogs. I can't decide which I am. :)

Happy Canada Day to you and Cuppa.

Pam said...

I'm a cat with people and a dog with nature. Which makes me more cat, really.

cat59 said...

Hmmm. . .there are some generalities to be made here, but, in fact, dogs can be reticent or friendly, often depending on breed. We've got 2 dogs, mixed breeds, but one definitely has a lot of chow in him. We often remark that he is more "cat-like." When he meets someone, he can take them or leave them. He may submit to being petted, but is just as likely to walk away. He wants attention on his terms. Our other dog is shy with strangers, initially peering around corners and backing away if anyone tries to come near. I am definitely an introvert, but most people would not know it. I can put on a good front, but after a day at the office or a couple of hours at a party, I need hours of alone time to recoup. Maybe that's like my dogs sleeping all day with bursts of activity in between? BTW, I checked out your "trip blog" (sorry, can't remember the name) and the photos of the Buchart (sp?)gardens were beautiful. Would definitely like to visit some day.

Heather Plett said...

I'm not much of a pet person, but I'd definitely say I'm a dog person for my husband's cat - especially when we travel. We're much the same as you and Cuppa.

dmmgmfm said...

I'm a cog or maybe a dat. In some situations I'm more catlike, in others I'm like a dog.

I have a cat that's more like a dog than a cat, though. She fetches, she doesn't meow and she hates other cats.

Kila said...

I'm a bit quiet and cautious in daily life, but otherwise I'm definately a dog!

Anonymous said...

OK.. I must admit.. I am more of the cautious feline type. Luckily I have two very tail-waggingly happy dogs that remind me daily of the pleasures of ceasing the moment.

Happy Canada Day, :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a skitterish barn cat.

Cathy said...

Oh this was good, AC. I just read an article in which someone described herself as a gregarious introvert. I thought - yeah, that fits. So as far as the feline/canine dichotomy - hmmmm. I guess I'd be wagging my doggy tail, but carefully :0)

KGMom said...

Weighing a bit late--but it sounds like cats=introverts & dogs=extroverts.
I am a cat--but I love new sights, sounds, etc.

Gina said...