Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Winter Walk?

... ya gotta be kidding. Right? No, I'm not kidding.

On a sunny January afternoon, at least it was sunny to begin with, we drove ourselves to the Mill of Kintail for a winter stroll. There are walking trails at The Mill, and last autumn we had thought that it would be wonderful to explore some of them on snowshoes this winter. Hah! As you can plainly see in some of the pictures below, there is no snow. There is mud in places, however. The ground is frozen enough to prevent drainage when the surface melts, so the going became a little difficult at times.

El Nino is having its way with us this year, bringing winds and snows to the west coast and balmy-ness (or is it barmy-ness?) to Eastern Canada. Various places in the Ottawa Valley broke temperature records the other day, some localities by several degrees. I don't know if this year's weather is attributable to global warming or not because El Ninos have been occurring for a long time, probably forever from the human point of reference. I do know, however, that they now occur more frequently and that the results are probably more virulent.

I am reading some blogs where people have seen the Al Gore video, An Inconvenient Truth. Eyes are being opened, and that's wonderful. I used to teach world issues, and environmental issues were part of the curriculum, so it isn't as newsy to me as it is to some. However, I think that Mr Gore is doing a wonderful thing by educating all sorts of people about this problem. In my comments on one blog, I wondered how different the world would be had he been allowed the win that election. Sigh.

At some point in time, I heard someone say that when the Americans get it, they'll really get it and things will happen. I hope so. This world desperately needs some very positive USA leadership in this area.

Winter Walk? 1

Winter Walk? 2

Winter Walk? 3


Ginnie said...

What a lovely spot for a walk, AC. You really hit a cord with me when you wondered what the world would be like today if Al Gore had won our election. I think of that so often as I watch the world turn against us...and rightly so. It makes me sick to think of all our administration has done...and ashamed. The only thing I can say is that I did not vote for it.

Gina said...

That's the most annoying thing, I really think he did win! But then somehow, someway W won yet another election. It makes me cringe.

And you sure don't look like you're in Canada in the dead of winter!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures, as usual. Looks like a beautiful place to walk. Thoreau is smiling. :)

As for the global warming, it is interesting that Fox News has been propagandizing in overtime to make sure the idea is squashed, that it is El Nino responsible for the climate changes, not global warming.

Horse hockey, as they say.

Here in Northern California, we've barely gotten enough rain to make the streets wet, let alone sufficient rain to stock up for the summer.

And I agree with others. Gore won.



Anonymous said...

Great pictures AC, really nice. I also agree about the election, Gore won. The whole thing made me mad then and even madder now.

By the way, I ordered several copies of the Gore video. We are watching it at our upcoming watershed meeting and I have a couple of copies in our lending library.

Anvilcloud said...

All - Thanks. I take it that this blog does not appeal to the far right? :)

Gina - I didn't mean to impinge on your post. I was merely posting photos and kind of veered off.

Chani - I think the salient point is that global warming helps to create El Nino conditions.

Anonymous said...

This weather is spooky - (though I admit to a guilty pleasure in the warmth) - let's hope the Democrats can move things forward.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Al drives? How many homes he maintains? What kind of fuel he uses?

I'll believe him when I see him live it.

(what??? i have pms.)


PBS said...

Yep, I think he DID win the election. Hopefully with our change in Congress, things can start to be done.

Those are great photos but it looks like October or November, not January!

Anonymous said...

No El Nino evidence out this way. Looks like a charming walk, though.

Anvilcloud said...

Judy: I wonder why it matters; it's not exactly like he's the only guy saying this. The majority of scientists are saying the same thing.

But here's the answer anyway.

From Spiegel

SPIEGEL: Mr. Gore, what kind of car do you drive?

Gore: About a year ago we bought a hybrid, but I don't drive very much. We've changed our entire lifestyle. We made the decision to be carbon-neutral and eliminate any net CO2 contribution to the environment. Even "An Inconvenient Truth" was produced in part using carbon-neutral, alternative energies. Paramount also made the decision to ensure that the tour and the promotional activities would be done in a carbon-neutral way.

Anonymous said...

El Nino has made its presence known even here in the prairies. Yes.. I too wonder what may have been if the election had taken a more positive turn for Gore. I have heard it said that things happen for a reason.. but in such a close election race and now looking back with 20/20 vision.. I neither see the reason nor the rational.

Anonymous said...

I've read that. I don't hate Al.

I just don't believe that he cares that much. Not at the level of personal sacrifice. Not when the 'answers' cost too much for average people.

And why Canada exports its garbage to Michigan...

Don't get me started on why our state government let THAT happen. And how it will take years to remedy.

Yes, Al is starting something good.

But, pretty much the only men in government that I trust are the dead ones.

(i miss jerry ford.)

Oh, this girl's in a bitchy mood...