Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Basking in the Patch

A Patch of Sun

This decadent cat ain't so dumb. On a cold winter day, he finds the best patch of sunlight in the house in the most comfortable spot in the house. That's my nighttime spot by the way. For the longest time, he tried to sleep by my feet at night; eventually, however, my feet persuaded him to move to Cuppa's side. She of the shorter legs can more easily make space for him.


methatiam said...

my dog just drapes her 65lb body on top of my feet.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture. Winter sure brings out the extra dose of cuddles from cats.

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

I'm glad he's catching up on naps on my behalf ;)

~Kila at momto3cubs

Anonymous said...

Is there anything more content than a satisfied cat.. I think not.

From someone who knows the pleasures of being owned by a cat.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful cat and a great photo. Feel fortunate you only have one to contend with. I usually have four or five of them in bed with me, sometimes even under the covers. I'm never cold at night, as you can imagine.