Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sidebar Sounds

I have said here that I am excited about The Rankins Reunion Tour that is coming to town on February 07. They are crossing The Prairies these days: in Red Deer tonight and Edmonton tomorrow. I discovered this morning that they missed the first two tour dates when a sister died of a brain aneurysm. Apparently, Geraldine had been an original member of the band, back before I knew the group and they became famous in Canada. In the sometimes sad way of things, it has been seven years to the month that brother John Morris died when his car left the road and plunged into the ocean. However, after missing the first two days, the tour got going.

I have decided to play a Rankin tune, Fare Thee Well Love, in the sidebar (a somewhat sadly appropriate title it seems). As usual, I think this requires the Quicktime plugin, so if you don't use it, you'll not be aware of it. The player will appear at the top of the sidebar to the right, and you can turn it off or adjust the volume to suit. Perhaps, I'll update the song choice a few times in the next few weeks.

I was thinking that we Canadians are fortunate to have access to such music. Not only are we aware of the American scene, but we have our own as well. But I suppose that regions in the USA must also have their favourites that are not known nationally. Yes? No?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful song, AC! I see why you like their sound.

I'm not aware of much regional music in my area, but I know Seattle has had it's regional artists that the locals are quite fond of.

We did have one group come to our school that is from the eastern side of Washington, about 4 hours' drive north of us, and they were awesome. They're called "An Dochas," and do celtic music. You can find their music at

Anonymous said...

We have several cowboy poets in the area that are very interesting and entertaining. One of them plays his guitar and sings. He's quite good.

I love the music on your sidebar. I can see why you are so fond of them.

mreddie said...

Hauntingly beautiful rendition - it touched me. ec

Anonymous said...

I see, I see . . . we Brits have once again been left out!
Well, I think I'll let it slip this time! Heehee!

PBS said...

Yes, we have a lot of great musicians in this area and in the Twin Cities, Jerree Small is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Canada is home to some amazing musicians. Unfortunately I am using a computer that will not allow me to listen to your music selection.. but I will check back once I get my own up and running again (soon I hope)

Anonymous said...

I saw that they were coming. Do you have your tickets?