Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Pills

While I doubt that dear reader (that's you) is anxiously wringing her hands to know this, I do wish to publicly confess that it was fiddle lesson time today. The last one was really great – by my standards anyway. I did well, and I felt a sense of elation. However, the other shoe landed today. I couldn't seem to do anything very well. I flubbed everything that I tried. It was rather frustrating and embarrassing to seem so inept: so stupid.

Cuppa went with me (not to the actual lesson to cheer me on but to grab some coffee and do some errands whilst I fiddled), and we headed into the city afterwards.
Our first stop was Swiss Chalet where we ordered the Festive Special. They offer the special every year during this festive season: adding a helping of stuffing and giving you a box of six Lindts afterward. It's our tradition to indulge in this dish once or twice each Christmas season, and I always order the breast quarter. Always! For years, even decades. Because while in and of itself dark meat isn't so very bad, there are those unappetizing, gooey parts with which to come to terms. Today, in a moment of insanity, I ordered dark meat. I don't do that, I tell ya, but the spirit of stupidity must have laid a full nelson (with all apologies to an anonymous, occasional reader from a northern city) on me today, and I ordered dark. Stupid!

After lunch we made our way to one of those big box malls to do a bit of seasonal shopping. Of course, I took a stupid wrong turn, but we got there and got instructions about how to get to our next stop. I listened, looked at the map, got in the car, and forgot what the map told me. I got in the wrong lane and missed the stupid turnoff.

Once again, errors notwithstanding, we got to our destination, did our shopping and made to leave for home. However, I thought I could use both a pit-stop and a pick-me-up, so I asked Cuppa whether we should stop at McDonalds or Tim Hortons. Now that was pretty darn stupid because I don't have to ask; I know which she would prefer – always and forever, Tims! The thing is that I could see both restaurants from the parking lot. Yet, as soon as I got onto the road, I lost my place and started looking for McDonalds instead of Timmys. Even when corrected, I could no longer seem to spot Tims although I was just about in front of it by then. Stupid!

It was at that point that in a voice of semi-humorous disgust, I opined that I must have taken a double dose of my stupid pills this morning. We laughed. What better thing can you do than to share a laugh and hope for your brain to return from stupid to normal in the morning?


Gina said...

I'm glad your fiddling went well today.

And all of us have days when we took some extra pills by mistake!

PBS said...

And maybe tomorrow will be super smart day!

Anonymous said...

I prefer to believe someone else slipped me stupid pills. Someone slipped them into my bottle of Vitamin C. That is the only way to explain how I manage to get a few each day. :)



Anonymous said...

Stupid pills??
I think someone is injecting 'stupid juice' into me every night when I am asleep!

karla said...

Oh yes...I remember the Swiss Chalet Festive Special. Mark and I used to work at a Harvey's/Swiss Chalet when we were teenagers, and if memory serves me right, they used to give away tolberones back then. Lindt is so much better! I think they used to come with cranberry sauce and a different type of salad too.

We used to actually get excited if someone actually requested dark meat. It seems like everyone prefers white.

Turtle Guy said...

I go through much the same cycle with pottery as you do with your fiddle lessons. Tonight I fully intend to make something, dammit!! I'm going to down a whole bottle of "I-can-do-it" pills! Maybe, just maybe it will carry me over to my next essay in English class!

luna pie said...

Hee hee! Thanks for the giggle - I really needed that today!

OH MY GOODNESS! How I will miss the festive special this year. I don't suppose that would mail very well?


Cathy said...

I had missed this post and it occurs to me that my husband has had a few days like this lately. Hmmmm. I wonder if men's brains do more poorly with the dimminished sunlight. Hmmmmm:0)