Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Friday, Another Border Collie

It's not as though we only or necessarily go to the park on Friday, but it was seven days since our last trip. Last Friday, we saw two border collies at slightly different times. Lo and behold, as we were sitting there in the car (chills etc preventing me from venturing out much) watching the geese and enjoying the sun, yet another border collie and human came along. While not quite as spectacular as the one last week, I feel somewhat bonded to this guy. He saw to that.

I did remember my own camera today and also was using my telephoto to take pictures of geese through the car window when this guy came along. Naturally, my attention quickly focussed to him. I think the owner saw me and directed more of his throws toward my side of the car. I took a bunch but walked over and showed him these two: "I don't know what they'll look like on a monitor, but they look pretty good so far." (Because I am posting five today, I'll keep them small, but they're all clickable — naturally).

Border Collie Jumping
Border Collie Coming out of November Water

Well, on his subsequent retrieval, didn't pooch bring the frisbee to moi? And he kept on doing it. The owner and I may have had different reactions. He might have been feeling a little put out, while I was feeling pretty good about being chosen. "Such a fine smart dog with excellent taste," thought I.

Border Collie Eagerly Waiting

Wrong! The dog was willing to adopt all-comers. When Cuppa showed up in the scene, he walked right past me to her. The nerve!

Border Collie Waiting Again


Thailand Gal said...

As always, beautiful pictures!



Anonymous said...

Anvilcloud - You are just so talented and I am saluting your superior blogging skills!
Beautiful background and it made me feel all Christmasey!! :-)

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I love the "jump shot", and the trees are always a joy to me.

So good that you are getting out.

When I get really stupid like that I start checking to see if I have good blood flow to the brain - is my collar too tight or what - LOL!

Hugs to you both. Love on!

Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas train, especially now that we are chugging toward the day full steam ahead.

Those Border Collies really are fine, smart dogs, eh? Great photos.

mreddie said...

Great pics - those dogs have such a high energy level - they just seem to revel in life itself. ec

Coll said...

Is there anything happier than a border collie playing frisbee? I think not. How wonderful that he played with the both of you. Love the photos, especially the ones with yourself and Cuppa. :-)

Ginnie said...

All three of my children have dogs who love to retrieve frisbees and I never tire of watching them. You must have had fun taking the pictures...they're great.

Sarah Elaine said...

Great photos!

And you don't have any snow there. Can we send you some??

Anonymous said...


methatiam said...

Nice new look to the BLOG.