Thursday, November 23, 2006

Clinging to my Raft

It started last night. I was really chilly when we got home and kept getting chillier. By the time that I sat down to create yesterday's most masterful post (hah!), I was getting to point of shaking with my increasingly severe shivers. "Oh, oh," thought I, "this is exactly the way that the last bout began," also with a headache that I was also experiencing by that point. I really didn't want to go on with the shivering shakes for hours, so I turned the heater in the bathroom up to high, ran a hot, hot bath and eased in. Even then, I had to pretty well submerge my whole body before the chills abated.

Then, I put on two sweatshirts and went to bed. And I got pretty comfortable for about an hour … until I started getting hot, that is. Off came one sweatshirt, then the other, then the blankets, and I was still blazing. Go figure.

I know that no one really wants to get sick (ill for the Brits), especially me after enduring that bad bout about a month ago. But I don't really mind too very much today. After all, I have hardly been sick for the past five or six years, so perhaps I'm in arrears. Oh, I can recall a few day things, but that's about it. So, why am I at peace with being sick/ill once again so soon after the last episode?

Well, you see, in my mind it helps me to rationalize yesterday's stupidity. Here's what I am thinking: my body was clearly under stress that my brain hadn't registered yet. It was affecting my mental faculties but not at a conscious level. I choose to believe there was a medical reason for my stupidity. Somehow that makes me feel a lot better about the state of my poor, tiny brain. Yet another reason to appreciate being sick: I called the dentist who let me cancel today's appointment without penalty. Hey! isn't it a good thing to be able to cancel a dental appointment?

And … while I'm still alternating between hot and cold this morning, the extremes are much less … extreme. Frankly, I'm not nearly as sick (so far – knock on wood – and by that I don't mean for you to knock on my head) as last time. I'll stay in and take it easy today and maybe tomorrow, but at this point it appears that it won't get too bad. And it gives me an excuse for my stupidity – in my mind anyway. Please do not disabuse of this little, life-preserving raft to which I am most happy to cling. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

That is undoubtedly the reason for your "stupid pill" yesterday. :) Recalling my last bout with the flu, the "stupidity" was definitely a sign the train was coming. Get well quick! :)



Anonymous said...

At least your funny bone is still intact. "Howling success" indeed. Tee hee hee.

Dale said...

I've noted a lot of self-deprecating humour on this blog lately. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it. You are much more amazing than you can imagine, AC. Believe me. I've been following your posts for a couple of years. Get well soon, friend.

Anonymous said...

Get well, stay well!!
Whisky will help!! It's an old remedy of mine!
"How much must I drink?" I hear you ask.
If you can sill say "I sell sea shells at the sea shore!" without tripping up, then pour yourself another one!

Gina said...

Do you need an oar, my friend? I've got a couple over here.

Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope today is finding you well. I must admit to finding the bouts of fever and chills a tad worrisome.