Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Redneck Country?

Is this redneck country or what? I'll let you be the judge.

A few weeks ago our Canadian Tire store had a sign declaring that it would be open on Saturday at 5:00 a.m. for ducks hunters. It begs the question: "Why?" I mean, can't hunters of the duck purchase their necessities before the morning of the shoot? The mind boggles. I wanted to get a picture for y'all, but they took it down before I could. Today, I happened to have my camera in the car when I saw this sign. I couldn't resist.

Folks from other countries may be curious about Canadian Tire. It is a department store somewhat like all of the others. However, it caters more to automotive and home repair than Wal-Mart or Target or whatever, and you wouldn't find very much in the way of clothes or fabrics.


mreddie said...

Must be for those that plan to have a flat on the morning of hunting day. Strange. ec

PBS said...

It must be open for those last minute items. I grew up with hunting and don't find it that weird, but it was in northern redneck country!

Anonymous said...

That's just quackers!!

Dale said...

Ahhh. Crappy Tire. My favourite store in the world!

squire said...

You want "redneck hunters". Here in Arkansas, they start a daily countdown to the opening of the next deer season on the last day of this season.

Coll said...

That is just to funny! :-)

Must admit, I am a loyal fan of Canadian Tire and Canadian Tire Money. :-)

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Around here you are only strange if you are NOT open early on opening day of deer season.

Rednecks Rule!

Turtle Guy said...

Odd, yes. Although I'm not surprised. For your American readers I must share this story:

A friend of mine was visiting south of the border a number of years ago. When returning home, he was questioned about the tools in his truck.

"Did you purchase these tools during your visit?"


"Can you prove it?"


They came back to the tools again over the course of the conversation. He found it curious. I find it a delightful story!

...oh, and I LOVE Canadian Tire money... and the fact you can actually buy gasoline with it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder...Can people other that duck hunters come at 5:00 AM?

Heather said...

Perhaps deer hunters aren't known for their advance planning skills?