Friday, February 24, 2006

Snowy Farewell

That was the view that greeted around about eight o'clock yesterday morning from the front door of the cottage. Although the photo doesn't quite do it justice, the snow on the branches of Hummer Hedge and the apple tree right behind it was rather fetching. By the times that we departed the cottage near noon, however, most of it had either melted or fallen from the branches.

We call it Hummer Hedge for obvious reasons; it's where the humming birds seem to hang out when they make their warm weather pilgrimage to Riverwood. The old apple tree behind it does bear apples which the deer like to eat. Occasionally, we even see them there, but generally they're pretty darn good at not being spotted.

It seemed very warm; we packed the car by making many trips back and forth without benefit of overcoats. I guess it wasn't so much the air temperature, which was only slightly above freezing, but there was little wind and the sun was doing its job very well indeed.

So, yes, we are home from the cottage. I haven't posted for ten days now, the longest hiatus of my blogging career, for a number of reasons. To wit: after the previous post, we had some rather uninspiring weather — cloud, rain, and freezing rain — followed by five days of company. My SIL and BIL came up for the weekend, and my nephew and his lovely friend joined us until Wednesday. Don't despair of the youth, folks; these are absolutely delightful kids. He played his new guitar for us, and she helped the old folks to figure out some dance steps. You can catch a bit on their blog.

There are two other reasons for not blogging: (i) the slow internet connection was driving me to distraction; (ii) and, the sheer banality of my own blog is boring me silly, so I can only begin to imagine how monstrously fatiguing it must be for dear reader. Sometimes, I want to pack it all in, but ... but what I don't really know. Oh, I'll probably be back with some more pictures shortly, but I have no wise or interesting words these days. None, zip, nada.



-epm said...

Welcome back home... and to Raindrops.

Don't leave us hanging. I find your blog -- even the most "banal" posts -- to be a warm and human harbour in a sea of whiney, political kvetching (see Deertown Times... what is that guy's problem!?)

I think I'd keep reading even you posted about toenail clippings and soap scum build up.

Looking forward to "hearing" more Raindrop reflections soon.

Mel said...

I hope you return refreshed. (Beautiful picture.)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Were you off avoiding the Olympic broadcasts. How wise of you. Speaking of banal, Canada's men lostin hockey and won in curling!
We are all supposed to care!

Bonita said...

"None, zip, nadda" is catching. Is there anything to the phrase "fake it til you make it?" Typical bloggeritis.

mreddie said...

Good to have you back and hey, having no wise and/or interesting words has not stopped me at all. :) ec

Gina said...

Oh lordy, there seems to be a lot of this going around lately.

I am with epm on this, even posts that you consider boring or inconsequential always interest me.

Not sure about the soap scum, though. ;)

But if anyone could wring a meaning out of the calcium buildup on the shower walls, it would be you, AC.

Wash Lady said...

Mixed emotions here :)
Glad that I've not missed anything (been out of circulation a few weeks) and that I can get caught up "quick" with your blog.....
kind of dissapointed that the jolt and good feelings that I get reading your blog will have to wait until you are moved to share with us again.
I really have come to accept that it's the eb and flow of how blogging is. I believe our writing when we feel moved and have something to say as opposed to forcing it just for the sake of an entry is what makes it best. I want to read "you" and not something that you feel forced to post. Your realness is what drew me here initially and what keeps me coming back - that and the fact that I really like you and appreciate things that you have graciously done for me. :)

judy said...

Real life isn't really all that interesting.

It's your prespective on life that I enjoy.

Ginger said...

No monstrous fatigue going on here! Glad you're back.

Simply Coll said...

Everyday life is "same old, same old" for many of us. But I just happen to like the way you present it. I would miss your posts very much if they were no longer there.

And also your photos. :-)

Granny said...

Now I'm caught up. There is nothing banal about this blog or your posts.

Don't leave, please.