Sunday, February 12, 2006

A New Low

... about which to be happy.

This morning, after another good night's sleep (praise be), I arose before Cuppa, had some toast and cranked up the puter. At that point, it hit an all time low — a connection speed of only 16.8kps.

It's always slow out here in the hinterland, although we sometimes get all of the way up to 28.8kps — sometimes. So, I thought I'd be clever this morning and turn off images. That helped a bit ... until I was reading blogs and decided that I wanted to comment. The problem with that is that Blogger's verification codes are embedded images. Argh!

So, it all goes rather slowly. When I want to upload pictures, I just go off for a while and do something else ... as I will do shortly when I upload the photo that now appears below. I snapped the photo through the window yesterday afternoon. It looks west (obviously) toward he road. Across the road there is more Riverwood land, so aside from the road which you can't really see, everything in the photo is a small part of the almost 120 acres that constitute the property.

We once thought that we might build and live on the property that lies across the road, but that didn't work out. No doubt it's all for the best; I think we're better off where we are: in a small town, close to the kids, and near the amenities of a city. But I'm sure that we could have been very happy across the road, here in the boondocks, too.

That's what it is to be human, isn't it? To decide to be happy wherever you are. By that, I'm not naive enough to think that everyone can be happy for every minute. I'm certainly not. It's about having a prevailing attiude towards life. Most people in most circumstances can make the choice to gracefully accept and appreciate their lot (note the 'mosts'). Nothing less makes any sense to me.



madcapmum said...

AC, you're talking to my soul. We're working on deciding where to be, and it's a hard one. And yes, one of the "cons" of the country living is slow computer connections!

Simply Coll said...

Don't you just love a good nights sleep :-).
Beautiful picture.. I can understand how you could consider living out there.

Dale said...

Peace and Joy, friend. Peace of mind and a joyful heart. Sounds like you've found both at Riverwood. Paradise! Thanks for sharing it.

Christi said...

Simply stunning!

I got my first good night's sleep in a LONG time last night. It was good. It took going to my mom's to do it, though!