Thursday, February 09, 2006

Our First Snowshoe Walk

... this time

On our first full day here, today, we also went for our first snowshoe walk. We just went out once, and only for about an hour. That was enough for the first walk. Hopefully, we'll soon be able to go about for longer or more often or both.

There's probably about a foot and a half of snow cover, but most of it is quite crusty with only an inch or two of light, powdery snow over top. Our snowshoes didn't break through the hard under-snow at all, but I imagine that without snowshoes we'd have been breaking through all of the time.

old planer mill and clouds

We walked down to the little river and then began to walk up a rise of land, and that when I took the above photo. The structure is an old planer mill from when they used to do some logging on the property. It's empty now, but my BIL is fitting it for screens so that it will become a nice, relatively bug free spot in summer.

Then we walked along the path into the south woods. This property doesn't go very far in that direction, and we soon found ourselves trespassing on the neighbours' land. That's where I took the second photo of a tumbledown shack. When we got close there was a freezer visible through the doorway and an oven through the window. (The neighbours don't get there very often, and when they do, they can only access it from this property. I don't think they were up at all last year.)

shack in the woods

Given the subject matter, I decided that this photo should be black and white, which isn't much of a stretch in winter when that's pretty well how this part of the world looks anyway: the trees are dark and virtually colourless, and the snow ... well, it's white. If the sky isn't clear and blue, there's simply not much winter colour in the woods.



Sue said...

Fabulous pictures! I love the clouds in the first one. I must say, though, I'm glad I'm only looking at snow in photos and not having to deal with it in real life. We lived for two years in Colorado Springs in the USA, and saw a lifetime's worth of snow there. Can't think why I used to long for it as a child..!

Gina said...

So glad you are finally there!

Do you know that I have never been snowshoeing?

Simply Coll said...

Snowshowing is one winter sport I have never tried. How neat to be able to walk atop feet of snow. I usually just plow through as best I can.. gets to be a little difficult when the snow is up past your knees. :-)

Dale said...

... and impossible when it's up to your armpits. Eh, AC? Gosh, I enjoy your photos.

PBS said...

Nice photos, looks good in black and white. I could cross-country ski right out the door in my old house, but hadn't done it yet this winter. Now, too late. Oh well!

Lisa said...

excellent photos! It's so pretty there.

We just got a thin blanket of snow last night... Nothing to snowshoe in... even if I had some snowshoes. :)