Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rockin in the Quarry

Can I please do one more set of photos from last Saturday's tour? Can I, huh? Can I?

But really, if it's driving you crazy, don't look. However, consider it this way: More pictures tend to result in less insipid prose for you to wade through — at least on a good day — but I'm not sure that I'm having one of those — good days I mean — and yours may not be looking too darn hot right about now either. EH?

Okay, then: these are all of a quarry that we found while on the Scarlet Maple tour. Actually, the quarry wasn't on the tour. It is, however, on this weekend's tour, Crown and Pumpkin [sic]. But we can't make this weekend's tour because we'll be feasting on turkey and each other's company. There are also about twelve-hundred (or so it seems) studio tours on the weekend, and we'll miss all of those too, for after celebrating our nuclear family's Thanksgiving on Saturday, we shall drive two hours to Riverwood (the cottage) to feast with extended family on Sunday. (Phew! long but grammaically correct sentence there.)

So, if you're still with me and thinking that I am waxing rather verbose, let me get to the photos. The first, below, is pretty much what it looks like — a shot of one side if the pit, from top to bottom. The colour of the water in the little pond at the bottom looks something like that of a glacial lake, and the rock within the pond looks like a chunk of ice or a mini iceberg. The rock is calcium carbonate, which my past studies tell me is the same stuff that makes up things like stalactites in caves. (The pond and the rock in it may not be all that tiny when you consider how small the tractor just below the centre of the photo looks.)

If the photo above was a view to my left, and oddly enough it was, the one below is a view straight ahead. I like the effect of the two roads curving toward each other.

Cuppa took the last photo of Butterfly taking a picture of me. Cuppa was in the legal limits (so to speak) — on the lawful side of the fence — but I rather enjoy the ironical juxtaposition of us, especially me, with the sign on the rock. I guess the sign painters were unable to make their message clear enough. Perhaps it simply isn't big enough. Or maybe the red lettering doesn't stand out. What do you think? How can we help them to get it right?



Dora said...

Perhaps its just me.....but I love the photos AND the prose - that's what originally turned me onto your blog. I say keep 'em coming and don't stop. :)

Meadow said...

Oh, the irony. That is really funny. I once saw a no smoking sign next to a large, upright ashtray.

-epm said...

AC, these photos rock!

Bonita said...

Calcium carbonate...hmmmm, I'm going to research that - fascinating place, good photos (I love your photos). I did enjoy the juxtaposition of you by the No Tresspassing sign.

Keith "Nurse Keith" Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC said...

I love your take on life and how you share your travels and travails. Haven't been by for a while but it's nice to be back.

PBS said...

I like those pictures, especially the last one!

Lora said...


Isn't it lovely, living close enough to your family to do day trips together.