Sunday, October 02, 2005

More Touring

On an impeccable autumn day, the three of us set out on the Scarlet Maple tour. In an area a little to the west of us, they set aside a weekend at this time of year for all sorts of buildings, mostly churches, to open their doors to the public. (There were many shops listed on the brochure too, but they would have been open regardless.) This blogger and his loved ones think that it's a rather fine idea, and so after filling up with some very expensive gas, Cuppa, Butterfly and I set out yesterday to explore some more of the local environs that we have been talking time to appreciate ever so much over this past week.

The weather was splendid: mild temperatures and almost completely clear blue skies. The maples were not yet flaming scarlet, but there was some autumn colour here and there: glorious little flares of radiance, preparing us for the grand display yet to come.

These two photos (above and below) are of an old wooden Anglican (Episcopalian in the USA) structure. This dwindling congregation is shepherded by a circuit preacher who has six parishes in his care. There is no Sunday School, and the typical Sunday morning attendance has been reduced to about twenty stalwart souls.

It stands on a little hill on the west side of Lanark as you enter the village from the south. At the bottom of the hill, near the road, there is a small cemetery. I have photographed one of the grave markers in the photo above. Behind it looms an outcropping of Canadian Shield rock. While this area is not on the shield, it is rather close to the edge, so you do find these sorts of rock outcroppings here and there. Below, Cuppa and Butterfly pose on this same boulder.

We had a fine time in hamlets and villages, churches and shops, and on both paved and unpaved roads. I have more pictures, but I'll post them later. Meanwhile, Cuppa has also blogged about this tour. There are more photos on her blog.



Dale said...

Delightful pics, AC! I like the juxtaposition of the concrete marker and the similar-shaped steeple. Good eye, man!

PS. That area sure has some beautiful women, eh? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day... gorgeous photos.
I have witnessed the beautiful fall colours of the maple trees while visiting in Quebec. These particular trees do not do well in my part of Canada but I will never forget the vibrant colours they displayed that October just outside of Montreal.

Bonita said...

Nice, to meet your family! And, what a sweet name - Butterfly. I'd take them with me wherever I'd go, too. Sounds like a fun day, and you've got gorgeous weather there for photos.

methatiam said...

Sounds as though your back is doing better too!

PBS said...

That's an interesting old grave marker. I like the other photos, too. Sounds like a good time on the Scarlet Maple Tour. Our leaves are just turning and are beautiful.

Meadow said...

You are quite the photographer, my friend. And your family is beautiful!

Iona said...

Hey great pictures! Not your standard church shot! Very original. You're turning into quite the photographer!
Glad you had a nice time, also at the blacksmith.
Well, I gotta go, It's 7 AM and I'm going out to deliver the mail! See ya!