Sunday, October 16, 2005

Our Song

I like this song, Everytime, by the Barra MacNeils. Perhaps some other group also does it and you are familiar with it, but if not here it is. Cuppa and I both like it very much, and, at this stage of our lives, it seems to carry a lot of meaning. As the song says, "I will love you when you are gone."

I scrunched the file as much as I could, but be warned if you're on dialup.



Bonita said...

My husband and I have about 10,000 favorite songs from all over the world, but we can always agree that the Pygmies of the Ituri Forest have the most endearing music.

Simply Coll said...

Beautiful song. Thank you.

kathy said...

Loved your song! I'm one of those people who still have was well worth the few minutes.
It came in very clear too. :)

kathy said...


I've never heard the Pygmies from Ituri forest. I'll be keeping my eyes out for that one!

Lisa said...

Pretty song. :)