Friday, October 21, 2005

A Little Thanksgiving

Last Monday, I was able to track down my physiotherapist long enough to ask a few questions. She had begun my treatment but soon shifted me off to her helper. I don't know what qualifications the helper has, but I presume that they are not great. I realize that it doesn't require infinite study to apply ultrasound to a back, so it doesn't bother me much. Next she applied the stimulation machine before telling that they were done with me for the day, that I could go home.

Well now, I wished to ask Madam Qualified Therapist a few questions. Should I begin doing other exercises on the sheet that she had given me; how about riding my bike; what about working with light hand weights? In short, when she finally deigned to see me, her most delightful, charming, and paying customer, the answers were yes, no, and yes in that order. The "no" had to do with cycling.

Regardless of what I think of the level of care that I am getting, I was disappointed with her opinion about whether I should try biking. I felt that I could but decided to exercise prudence for a little longer. As it eventuated, I didn't have much choice for it began to rain for several days.

Yesterday, however, the weather was fine, nippy for many at less than 10C/50F, but fine for us. Cuppa was leery, thinking that I might re-injure myself. Seeing my resolve, however, the lady refrained from protesting too much, and away we went.

Oh, it wasn't much of an away, only a leisurely 10k/6mi ride about the town, but it pleased me: pleased me to get out, pleased me that my back held up splendidly. I thought it would, but I have been known to be wrong. Let me see, there was the time when ... hmm ... I forget ... maybe I was wrong about once being wrong.

So, today we doubled the distance. It was even a titch cooler than yesterday , but it's not terribly difficult to keep warm when exercising. This doubled distance certainly fell short of our old standard, but it was enough: enough to bring joy, pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

I hope that you enjoy some of today's pics. They all required a bit of post-processing to make them look more like what I perceived that I was seeing: rich, vibrant, autumn colours on a clear, sunny day.

The first photo (above) is of a tree by a pond in the park near our street. We are about to get onto the trail at this point.

The second photo (below) is of a boardwalk that we follow. It is adjacent to the Mississippi River, just after we cross under a little road bridge.

Above: we cross the river to pick up the trail to Appleby.

Below: At Appleby, we see this house across yet another bridge and are quite mesmerized by the reflection.

Finally, for photos not the ride, we cross the bridge and take a photo (above) back across the Mississippi toward the side we had been travelling on.

At this point we left the river for less picturesque scapes and began to wend our way home. It was a good ride, good to get out, good to be able to lightly exert the body. Good to feel a semblance or normality.

I give thanks. Everyday should be Thanksgiving day, but some days stand out just a trifle more than others. Today was such a day.



Chelsea said...

I have a question. Did you move to heaven or maybe find the Garden of Eden. Your pictures are georgous, and as I just told Cuppa, I'm glad to see you two out on your bikes again.

Heather said...

Wow! Chelsea's right - looks like a piece of HEAVEN!

swamp4me said...

Beautiful pictures. We have only the barest hint of color in our leaves here.
I talked to a couple from Nova Scotia yesterday. They were headed south in their sail boat via the Intercoastal Waterway. Both were retired teachers so we shared brief, yet vivid war stories of our time in the trenches of teaching :)

-epm said...

OK. Come clean. You're copying these photos from the Ontario travel and tourism site and claiming them as your own... as if I'd fall for that. Ha!

AC, these are great shots. Sorry to hear about your persistent back problems, but if a little pain on your part brings this much beauty to the blogosphere, then I say suck it and keep riding and snapping those pix. :)

Lynn said...

Good to see you had a chance to get out and about. Maybe, if you don't try any of those extreme sports stunts, you'll be OK. :)

Bonita said...

Again, lovely photos, and I especially love the color. We have 'rails to trails' bike routes here in Washington...old railroad routes converted to bike trails. They are paved smoothe, and take you through some beautiful country. We do a lot of biking on them, and I love visiting with people walking along.

Gina said...

Lovely, AC!

And I have to say, each time I even think about you riding your bike, my back aches in pain! I could not even imagine sitting on one of those horrible seats (sorry, but they are hard) and the pressure that must put on your back. If you found that there was a direct correlation between biking and your back pain, would you be ok with giving it up?

Just a hypothesis, mind you... :)

Simply Coll said...

I am so very pleased for you. I know how grateful you must feel. Yes.. life is good.

And your photos are lovely.. such wonderful fall colours.

` songhan said...

Glad you can get out on your bikes again. The photos are so wonderful. Whenever I take pictures of our big beautiful lake I'm always disappointed in the results--they don't look much like what I was seeing.

Anonymous said...

That fifth paragraph reminded me of a sign that said "Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken."

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Glad you're back up (oooh a joke!).

Enjoyed the photos, will get mine up from the weekend soon, I hope.

Do be careful of the back, disobedient patient!