Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Morning Miscellany

Thanks so much for the various comments that commiserate and/or offer suggestions wrt my back predicament. However, I am crossing my fingers that the worst is behind me. Now that I have convinced myself to stop trying to do things that I shouldn't, the spasms seem to be lessening. For example: I can now take a deep breath without feeling it too very much in my lower back. That's progress. Maybe I will get out on the bike again in another week or so. Sure hope so because the long, unforgiving winter is approaching quicker than we might like. We are several hundred kilometres north of Sarnia and further away from the moderating influences of the Great Lakes, so winter should come somewhat earlier, be a little more severe, and stay a little longer than what we are used to.

We were able to enjoy some of the US Open (tennis) on the weekend. I used to play (or play at) tennis in yesteryear, so I like to follow it on occasion. About all that I get to watch every year is some of Wimbledon, some of the Canadian Open, and some of the US Open. Early rounds are generally not absorbing because I often don't know the players and/or matches frequently tend to be one-sided. Later rounds, however, can be quite enthralling. The Blake-Aggasi match was a wonderful example. It went to five sets with a tie-break (a very close tie-break) in the fifth. Good stuff that.

I am taking an introductory, online digital photography course at LVS. Primarily, I am taking it because I think that part 2, offered next semester, will be instructive. Part 1 (or 101) should warm me up and not be too heavy. I didn't want to over-commit what with the move and all.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to put together an index page for the course. It has been quite a while since I have done any web work, and I found that I had all but forgotten how. It started to come back to me after a while, but it amazes me how quickly I lose it at this age.

If you are so inclined, you can view the page here. Note: don't bother clicking the links; they don't lead anywhere yet.

The cat has come back! The well-travelled Rocky, who has been staying with Butterfly and The Boy for the past year, has moved in. At the moment, he is making himself quite at home on the bed. Cuppa is on her computer (so to speak) in her station in the corner of the bedroom, beside the bed, and The Rocks is staying very proximate to her as he is wont to do. He's very much a people cat. I may blog about him in more detail some day soon. In the photo he is at his favourite spot at Butterfly's place — on the back of the couch.

We are now set up with broadband, the cable version as opposed to the telephone version. I can't remember what is DSL and what the various other DSLs refer to, so I can't do better than tell you it's cable.

I was quite put off by it yesterday because it was sooo slow. Then, I had a brainwave! How about resetting the modem. Sure enough, the speed picked up dramatically, and I am now quite pleased with the performance.

I have told Cuppa that it is time for her to stop unpacking boxes for a spell and to take some time to blog. She is in the throws of it now. Well, actually, she's catching up on email, but she'll be getting there: maybe not today but soon.

What with the move, I have let my eating habits return to their old , bad normal over the summer. I put weight on quickly and easily, and the results are poking right out there for all to see. However, as of this morning, we returned to good eating. We more or less follow the Dr Phil plan, and we find it quite livable. We feel better when we're on it, but we had no energy to pay attention to it over the summer. Now, we are back on the rather stringent fourteen day startup. It's not a riot, but it isn't exactly tortuous either.

Finally, I would like to direct you to Untangled Knot's most recent post about milk and how we Canadians obtain it. She has pictures of the bags that it comes in and of the pitcher that we pour it from. I found the comments quite humorous, and you might too. It seems that we Canadians may be the only people who do it this way. One Brit commented that her milk is still delivered in bottles. We haven't had bottles and delivery for decades now. Americans are totally flummoxed by such scandalous goings-on and can't imagine milk not arriving in plastic jugs. Actually, the jug option is still available to us at some convenience stores, but it is no longer a terribly ubiquitous alternative. I have heard or read that, once upon a time, this was piloted to both [some] Americans and Canadians. Apparently, it didn't fly down there, but we quite took to it here.



Bonita said...

You've got so many good little tidbits here, I don't know where to start. First, the modem: I didn't know you could adjust it. The other night my boys had to reformat my computer due to a number of problems - freezing, mouse not tracking, browser leaving, and not getting fast internet service...I'm just beyond knowing what to do. Today blogger hasn't worked for me, I've had to restart the computer before I start, I'll ask my sons about the modem. Thanks.

I hope you can share some secrets about your photography; I can't take a course, but I'm eager to improve my photography.

methatiam said...

Hey - if the winter gets that bad, come out to Phoenix - it's in the 70s and 80s (F) here all winter.

methatiam said...

By the way:
Is that cat "flipping off" the camera?

PBS said...

Glad you got your computer connection to speed up, wish I could but am on dial-up. The cat is beautiful. Quite a few years ago we could buy milk in plastic bags which fit into a plastic pitcher. I haven't seen them in grocery stores for years now, didn't go over well here, I think. I bought them a few times but like the plastic jugs much better (reusable for water carrying!).

Iona said...

Glad you're all settled in computer-wise. And great that your back is easing up again.
Have great fun with the Photography course. I'm sure your picturs will improve drastically! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Simply Coll said...

I would love to take a photography course. Are you going to be displaying your pictures on the index page. Please keep us update on how it goes.

Rocky is such a handsome fellow. :-)

Lora said...

Great photos, I hope that you find enough of a challege with the class.

I can see why the milk bags didn't fly in the States, one more step between us and our food. Plus every teenage boy needs to be scolded for drinking from the carton.

Christi said...

I am still completely baffled by the whole milk in bags thing. It may take a while for it to settle in that it's even possible! I'm still having a hard time believing and accepting that the world outside my little state doesn't run exactly the same everywhere else!

That is a beautiful cat! I want a cat so bad! I think Trey is near the point where he might actually let me have another one. I even have the boy on board, so that could only help!

defiant goddess said...

I'm glad you're all in and getting settled.

I converted to cable broadband years ago when I worked for the cable company and could get the service for free. I love it. I shant go back.

Shirazi said...

Your about me blurb ref. You are very lucky. No?

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

So sorry you screwed the back up again. Next time ask the nice young men at the bike shop to get it out for you, they get paid to be nice!

Learning your limits is so much harder when they are enforced by your body. When I was young I could do more, better and faster with practice at almost anything. Now I'm lucky if I can figure out a way to do something by myself without killing myself, breaking my hip off or sending my heart over the but is reality.

However, I'm not dead yet! Partying on!