Saturday, September 17, 2005

Approaching Normality

It's beginning to happen. In fits and starts, we are jerking our way either back or forward (take your pick) towards some semblance of normality or normalcy (take your pick there too).

Two days ago, in the midst of our scurrying about to purchase more bins, baskets and shelves in our effort to fabricate more space in this smaller domicile, we made the time to stop by a park for a half hour. We sat by the water, observed the Canadian Geese (naturally), and watched a man putting his border collie through its training paces. For example: he could send the dog into the water where it would turn and wait for him. With a simple voice command, he could tell the dog to go further or to wait, or to fetch the ball, or to drop it and wait some more. It was quite an entertaining performance.

Last night, at almost the last minute, we decided to go and see a movie. March of the Penguins was playing in a theatre about 25 minutes away on the outskirts of Ottawa. Score one for our new location. We had wanted to see this movie, but Sarnia only had one theatre with only nine screens, and many movies which interest us never got there. Here in Mills, we live in a smaller town but closer to a pretty big city: perhaps the best of both worlds. Well, let's hope so anyway; let's hope that I still feel that way once we have truly settled in.

But I was irked too (which may also mark a return to normality). I keep hearing the movie companies bemoan declining movie attendance. Perhaps it would help if it cost less than thirteen dollars to get in? The demographics also hit me squarely between the eyes. Hordes of young teenagers dominated the foyer when we entered the premises: thirteen and fourteen year olds trying to be adult and important and failing miserably. I always feel that, in a way, they aren't totally human when they are out together at that age. They're fine alone, or in adult company, and they'll be fine in every way in another year or two, but, to my perception, they are rudderless entities in circumstances such as those.

Regardless, what irked me was not their presence. It was my realization that it was they who are the target audience for a disproportionate number of films that are made. I realize that the studios still make the occasional adult film, but, on the whole, they seem to cater to this young, juvenile audience. They weren't there at all in our movie. Children and adults made up that audience. Children and adults like to watch movies too and might attend more if the studios made more.

It was a wonderful film. If you haven't seen it, I heartily recommend that you consider amending that situation toute de suite. It shows nature at its unusual and astounding finest. The Emperor Penguins walk (yes, walk) seventy miles to mate and hatch their eggs and tend to the chicks. The males go without food for four months, standing together with their chicks tucked under them but on top of their feet through the perishing Antarctic winter. Both the females and the males make the seventy mile trip more than once. They waddle and slide non-stop for a whole week on each of these trips. It's effing amazing. Go see it!

But as I was saying, it's nice to be doing normal things again. It's good to have our heads out of boxes. It's really good to go for a day without buying more bins, baskets and shelves. It's good to getting back, getting back to composing my simple thoughts every now and then. It's good to have a normal that I enjoy. To me, it's the stuff of life to appreciate the daily normals.



Karla said...

First off, a warm and hearty congrats on a safe trip across the country. I'm glad you and Cuppa are settling in nicely to your new home and can't wait to hear more about your new adventures on the other side of Ontario.

I realize that the studios still make the occasional adult film

For a second there, and I thought you might be trying to go catch a porno movie!

Do you have Cineplex Odeon theaters? Whenever we go to a movie, we hit those as the price is 5.98/person. I always sneak in my snacks too. ;)

Simply Coll said...

Moving is all consuming. I understand your relief at enjoying normal, everyday activities once more.

The movie sounds very entertaining. I must go see it. Penquins are such fascinating creatures.

Gina said...

Glad to hear it, AC!

Hubba-hubba and Mr. Personality saw that movie, and they both enjoyed it. It's nice that a movie without wisecracking characters or violent car crashes is doing well.

And the studios go after that demographic because they know their parents will give them the money to see whatever they want!

defiant goddess said...

I have heard march of the Penguins is amazing. I really want to see it.

And you're right, big box office definitely caters to the male teeny bopper. The music industry does the same. It is their prime demographic. They think adults don't see movies and buy CDs. Why they refuse to wise up and realize that, no, we just don't want what they're offering is beyond me.

All hail the independent artists. I am honored to be one. I promise only to make good music and films. :)

PBS said...

Glad to hear that you are settling in from the move. Moving is horrible and such a chore. I saw that movie, it's great! Not at all like a normal movie.

kathy said...

happy to hear that everything is back to normal. I want to see this movie too... March of the Penguins! I bet its good. its kinda sad that "money" is the only motivator that keeps our society going. like you and Goddess said...the teenagers are buying up the movies and the music CD's. so because of that they are the main targets. hey not fair! we older folks are living longer now, we want the good stuff!
Hear that Goddesss? ;-D you go girl!!!

kathy said...

Did you say thirteen dollars to get in? Oh my goodness that is outrageous! here in the US it's about eight dollars and if you throw in pop-corn and soda its way up there! too much in my opinion. its just cheaper now to rent movies and wait until they hit the video store. Sometime when we just Have to see a movie when it comes out...we hit the matinee hours. "We saw "The excorcism of Emily Rose" in Las Vegas, cheaper than Gambling :-D I insisted that he see it with me. Interesting Movie! I think I have always had a facination with Demons and Devils and Mental illness. Based on a true story they say. Most of it was shown in court.

Dee said...

Glad you made a safe trip and all came back healthy and happy. I know what you mean about movies being so expensive. It is not the movies per se that I complain about here since the kids are grown and pay their own way but it is the cost of popcorn, pop and that kind of stuff. That stuff is really expensive.

Bonita said...

My daughter and I saw that film, and it was outstanding, worth the price. Imagine what the crew had to endure just to have the ability to film. We also saw 'Penguins' on an extrememly hot day here, so it was great to see cold images.

Dale said...

I saw that film a couple of weeks ago, AC. The photography was stunning, not to mention the story itself! Glad things are becoming more normal. Please poke Cuppa, gently, in the ribs, and ask her to post something. Please.