Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Although I didn't blog it until a few days later, it was last Wednesday that Lady Bug had her bicycle wipe-out. Quite a wipe-out it must have been too, for this Tuesday she was still too sore to stay at work very long. She is sore all over, and it pains her greatly to try to get around. This girl is pretty darn brave and somewhat stoic too, so if she admits to pain, then you just know that it's very real and very formidable.

She went back to the clinic today and this time saw a nice female doctor who told her that she would be sore for a month and that she couldn't ride her bike for that long either. She prescribed anti-infamatory pills and physio. However, I don't know if Lady Bug is covered for physio. The province de-listed it not too long ago, so unless it's covered by her university plan, she won't be able to afford it.

But here's why we're ever so lucky. I knew that we were extremely fortunate as soon as she began to supply me with more details today. She said: " You know how when you're going downhill and you're going so fast that your feet can't keep up with the pedals ..." Gasp. I had no idea that she was travelling that fast. She was late for work, you see, and trying to make up time, you see. In traffic. In the rain. You do see, don't you? Does it make you cringe too?

No wonder she is in great pain. No wonder it will take her a month to recover. It is a wonder, almost a miracle I'd say, that my little one isn't very seriously injured. She must have sailed head over teakettle. She could just as easily have broken her neck and been paralysed. She could have been killed.

But she isn't paralysed, and she is alive. Sore and in pain, but alive.

So very fortunate are we.

So very thankful am I.




Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for a miracle! My daughter has had a few mountain biking crashes, but with hills and trees, not traffic. Be thankful that even when bad things happen, that you are able to appreciate the good, and the larger picture.

Norma said...

Our children have a way of feeding us the details slowly, don't they. I think they don't want us to have the pain all at once. I'm thankful she wasn't more seriously injured, and I'm guessing she will be more cautious in the future. It might be worth your parent's heart to pay for the physical therapy--sort of another investment in her future. Tell her it's a draw on her inheritance.

PBS said...

Lucky thing she didn't get badly hurt, probably didn't even realize what could happen. But I'm sure she does now. Scary for parents, though.

Dale said...

It seems incredible that she wasn't more seriously injured. Lucky? Yes, she was. Blessed? Yes, she is. I'm so glad she's alright.

Lynn said...

It does not sound like good news that it will take her another month to heal, but in retrospect it is very good news indeed.

I have a friend who was loading the trunk of her car in the Home Depot parking lot. She backed up ever so slightly, tripped backwards on a concrete divider, fell on her elbow, and broke it.

"There by the grace of God go I," my grandmother was fond of saying.

Rainypete said...

It's funny how people can escape situation slike this relatively unscathed. I'm a firm believer in the idea that when your number's up, your number's up.

Apparently hers was still in the queue.

Heather said...

Whew! So glad she's "relatively" okay after THAT!

Keith, RN said...

SO glad she'll be OK! Many blessings on her recovery!

Lora said...

I can only imagine how sore she must be and wonderfully amazed that she survived the incident.