Monday, August 22, 2005

Great Blue Heron

Oddly enough, after I mentioned the Great Blue Heron in my post yesterday, I began to recall that we had tried to take some photos. Sure enough, there were a few on Cuppa's camera. While this isn't exactly a close-up, it isn't so very terrible either.

It will serve a nice reminder for us of many enjoyable bicycle trips out to The Grove. Last year, we rode the trail, but this year we have discovered a route that allows us to travel on paved but lightly travelled country roads. Pedalling on pavement is easier and faster than on trails, and it's a lot less dusty and grimy too.

The river that you see in this photo is a human-made, or at least human-enhanced, drain (or ditch). The water is always brown, but, for some mysterious reason, it turned out blue in this picture — without any Photoshop contrivances on my part — for a change.

As I wrote yesterday, we usually call a loud and cheery greeting to this heron, who is almost always poking about or very close to this very spot. S/he must wonder about the sanity of these boisterous humans shouting from their odd, two-wheeled contraptions, but we like doing it. We should be able to make a couple of more trips before moving day, and we'll continue to greet the bird cheerily.

The funny thing is that I almost feel sentimental about this impending loss (i.e. not encountering the heron any more), for I suppose that I am letting this encounter represent the many bicycle trips which we have enjoyed so very much. I am not overly lugubrious about leaving this locale, but I am a tiny bit wistful about forsaking this bicycle route, not to mention this Great Blue Heron.

It has been our wonderful privilege to ride out to the shores of beautiful Lake Huron. It's just about the right distance for us, and the destination can't be beat — Lake Huron and Tim's. I'm pretty darn positive that we won't find a better route in our new location, but we'll make the best of whatever we are afforded, and we'll endeavour not to cast too many comparative backward glances.



Dale said...

"... we won't find a better route in our new location ..."

You'll have to define "better", AC. Who knows what delights await you at your new home? You may be pleasantly surprised!

Christi said...

I must have missed the day that you said you were moving. Why are you moving?

Heather Plett said...

Yeah, I'd miss the blue heron too. But perhaps there's a new bird - and perhaps even a birdhouse full of them - awaiting your arrival.

PBS said...

Aww, it's OK to miss the good things! But there will be other (and maybe even better) things in your new locale. Plus the adventure of exploring a new place!

methatiam said...

Thanks for visiting my site, I thought perhaps I'd return the visit. I've read Cuppa's entries on the move and know you're both getting anxious, but there's more to find ahead.

Lynn said...

A long time ago, when I lived in Iowa and I was a 60 mile a week runner, my running route was 12 miles out and back on a deserted gravel country road between cornfields. I startled a fox one time and watched him run a mile across a harvested cornfield faster than I thought possible. One day I sheltered underneath a small bridge crossing a small creek because there was tornado near by. One cold and rainy November night a guy drove by me in a harvester and asked me if I was training for the Olympics.

When I go back to Iowa now, I often drive a recently built four lane highway crossing my old running path. I love looking down my old deserted road towards the horizon when I do. I still recall each rise and dip in my gravel road after all these years.

I hope you always remember the old paths you have ridden. Good luck on your move, and happy trails in your new place.