Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Border Flags

Honest. I had this photo posted in draft mode before Jen did her flag photos. (O good grief, I think I inadvertently deleted her address from my bookmarks, and the name of the blog escapes me.)

We live, for another few days at least, in a border town. When we head to the river and, more importantly, to the chip trucks under the bridge, we are treated to two large pairs of flags flying. One pair flies on the Canadian side, and the other similarly sized pair (they're big flags, folks) waves to us from Stateside. Our countries have their little squabbles from time to time, but we get along pretty darn well for the most part: with a lot of mutual respect too.

They're big and impressive; I simply like to look at these flags and thought that you might too. Since the vast preponderance of visitors to this blog are either Canadian or American, consider it a salute to you and to each other. There are scads of worse places to live than these two wonderful countries. And few better.



Lora said...

Why is the US flag higher?

Enjoy what little time you have left in you present home.

kathy said...

I agree anvilcloud...they're are worse places to live. Canada is beautiful! i wouldn't mind living there myself.

PBS said...

I love to look at flags and hear them snap and crinkle in the wind! That is odd that the U.S. flag is higher, is that on U.S. soil and the Canadian flag is the highest on Canadian soil? Hope you are getting closure from your old place and ready for the new.

Anvilcloud said...

They're flying at the same height; it's just the perspective — the American flag is closer.

Gina said...

Agreed! AC, hope everything for your move is going as planned! :)