Friday, August 05, 2005

King David's Palace?

Many scholars have doubted the existence of either King David or King Solomon, at least with the wealth, power, and prestige that scripture conveys. Apparently, there has been scant archaelogical evidence of such a glorious kingdom.

But according to the New York Times, Eilat Mazar may have found King David's palace. At the very least, she has discovered a major building that dates back to the 10th century BCE. Read the article here. (You may be required to obtain a free subscription.)



PBS said...

I think that it's probably a real history, passed down by oral story telling. They keep uncovering and finding out more of the past.

utenzi said...

I do have doubts that the Biblical description will be accurate just because so little has been found so far, but maybe this discovery will be the turning point. The world certainly will be much more interesting if this does turn out to be the palace of King David or his father.

kathy said...

Wow! I'm going for the free subscription! :) I love stuff like this! Awesome! What a fun job being an archaeologist would be!