Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Beautiful Enemy

Yesterday, I had a lot of company while deadheading the flowers. There were a lot of bees buzzing to and fro. They were busy both with the false sunflowers (heliopsis helianthoides) shown in this photo and in the cosmos beside them. I did get some pictures of the bees, but they weren't nearly as sharp as this photo of a handsome wasp. Wasps are a royal pain at this time of year, sometimes literally, but they are rather photogenic creatures. On balance, however, I think I'd gladly forego the photo in exchange for a little peace. Never eat outdoors in late August and early September: not around here anyway.



Karla said...

I learned that the hard way muching on my apple outside the other day.

Although I must admit watching my husband wildly dance around trying to avoid the wasps (as he is allergic to them) is mildly entertaining.

Norma said...

Same here (Lake Erie). Now it has cooled off and is very pleasant but the minute we sit down on the deck, the bees arrive.

kathy said...

Hi Anvilcloud :)

I think you'll get a kick out of this

The picture is beautiful! you know...i BEElieve your pictures would make it in Calenders easily

Ginger said...

Awesome photo!

Iona said...

Wow! Very nice picture! Well done!

Keith, RN said...

I was stung by eight wasps simultaneously when I was a wee lad. Why then am I so afraid of snakes, pray tell?

PBS said...

You were an enemy to them, by deadheading the flowers! But I am a bit afraid of bees and wasps, have been stung too many times and it HURTS!

Juno said...

Ick. When I was a kid down South the yellow jackets would get me every year. I think it had something to do with the fact my aunt always made me knock down their hive from the eaves.