Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Successful Photos

Phew! I am finally up to date and posting in real time. Well almost real time as I am typing on Monday for posting on Tuesday. But at least there is no longer a time-lag of a week or more.

What I thought I would do is to post from Flickr, some of my most successful recent photos. These are the ones that somebody, official to Flickr, somehow noticed and featured in a section called Explore. These are not always my particular favourites or even what I consider to be my best photos but ones that get noticed for some reason or other and, therefore, make the list as it were.

My most recent, just from this past Sunday, is this blue jay photo that I earlier posted here in Blogger. It has more than 6 300 views as I type this. It will get more (> 13 000 as I check in before posting this on Tuesday morning), but it will not be one of my most viewed. (BTW, when my photos don't make it to Explore, I only usually get 100 - 200 views. I seldom post to groups, so I'm not sure how I even get this many views for a normal posting.)

(I am linking right from Flickr, so these are higher resolution images than I usually post here are available it you wish to do some clicking. You should be able to click the photo to go to Flickr, and if that doesn't work, I have also posted direct links below each photo as well as in the description. It's not that I expect anyone to actually do this, but it's for the record.)

Aren't I Pretty?

Prior to the blue jay, this one of Linda doing a lip sync garnered almost 85 500 views. Linda ran for town council and was successful in our election just a few weeks ago.

I was surprised by this one from Eagle's Nest, Calabogie. I took it last year but just posted it this year as autumn began. It had almost 53 500 views.

Finally for now, although I might make another post like this, is this one of JJ playing hockey. It was one of his first games three years ago, and as this years hockey season was about to begin, I finally posted it. I like the way that he is at the apex of the triangle (or V). It only received a little over 4 000 views.

I'll see how this actually views and links when it posts to decide if I will do any more like this.


Marie Smith said...

Great photos! It is good that they get exposure on Flickr.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

These are all good, but I especially liked the Bluejay. It's beautiful.

On another note, thanks for your comment on my blog about the fact that some time back Blogger "messed with" some blogs. (In response to my concern that I can't comment on some Blogger blogs. Did you ever find out what happened or how it was fixed? Apparently I CAN comment on yours. But many others? No.

Mage said...

Congratulations. Are you Pro on Flicker? I like the bird too....glorious color.

Tabor said...

Congrats. That tail flare of the bluejay is what makes it unique, I think. I post on RedBubble and actually sell a very few items over the years. I am not sure what is gained from Flickr, but perhaps I could check it out.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's funny how some things connect with people.
I'm not concerned with the number of views. I'm so stressed with the cats right now, I need to play around with my blog and my photos.
You take far better photos than I do, I really appreciate them.

Silver Willow said...

great shots, but that blue jay is extraordinary!

William Kendall said...

The Calabogie view is incredible!