Sunday, November 04, 2018

The First Snowfall

This is getting ridiculous. I have so many posts in the queue that I am writing this on one Sunday to be posted on the next Sunday. However, there will likely be many days in the upcoming bleak months when there is nothing much to exult over.

But, after posting autumn shots in the park just two days ago (in the readers' chronology anyway), winter happened.

The weather gurus had forecast snow, and I had been expecting a light covering, but we received quite a dumping — in October terms anyway.

So ... I jettisoned my plans to look for lightly snow-tinged leaves for macro photos because they were well buried as you might guess from this shot ↓ of our car in the driveway. Keep in mind that I had already cleared most of the front and all of the windshield.

I don't like to get my snow tires installed until mid to late November because I don't prefer how they ride (noise mostly), but I decided to head out anyway. I drove back to the park where I had taken photos just two days previously.

And ... it was quite wonderful.

With some colour remaining in an otherwise snow scene ... well, I quite liked what I was seeing.

So here are the photos, once again, more than is ideal (IMO) to show, but I have already culled.

That was fun. The next snowfall will not be colourful, I'm afraid.


Mage said...

Oh, simply wonderful. The one with the bench is stupendous. I do love them all thos. A magic vista.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful! It seems you got a bit more out of that system a few days ago than we did in the city.

Christina Naula said...

Snow! I love it but we don't get much here although we are 55.8 parallel north, which is maybe similar to your position on the globe? Lovely photos, I do like the contrast of colourful autumn leaves with the bright white snow.

Ruth said...

We have had a few flurries in the air but no accumulation. The snow and fall foliage really do create an exceptional image together. Beautiful pictures!

Tabor said...

Brrrr but beautiful. I got a virus warning again when I first clicked your link earlier today, but now I can get in!!! Blogger is driving me nuts. Love these photos and they remind me of an early winter in Canada at Banff one year.

Marie Smith said...

Pretty snow scenes but it’s too early!

Jim Flack said...

Beautiful snow scenes but I'm glad I live WAY South of you. We are still having temps in the 40s and 50sF here in Indiana. But, I see that snow showers are expected later this week. The older I get, the less I like the white stuff. I just stay home, sequestered in my humble abode and watch it through the windows!!
I love looking at your pictures and envy your talent with cameras. I don't understand what you are talking about micros, macros etc, but I like looking at your photos. I even downloaded one of your fall pics and have it as a screen wallpaper on my desktop.
Have a great week!

Liz Hinds said...

Those photos are fantastic! So beautiful!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

No need to apologize for so many shots, John, because as you said future snowfalls may not be as colorful. Seems like you had a significant amount for the first time. We had a day of rain and gusty winds and that was quite OK for now.

Jenn Jilks said...

Wasn't it a surprise?
I line up a lot of my posts, as well. Some I take over time, and like to show the final, at the end of a project. The Gerrymandering post, I did some thinking about it and some research, as I was curious.