Friday, September 21, 2018

My Nil Report

It's been awhile, so I thought that I would just pop in with kind of a nil report. In other words, there's nothing significant to report, but I can at least report that there's nothing significant to report. lol

Last weekend, which was when I last posted, we were obliged to take off to Toronto for a few quick days. We take the back roads whenever feasible, but even then the Toronto traffic was quite frenetic on a weekend. And we weren't really in Toronto but the western outskirts.

Sue and her sister, Heather, had an appointment to attend on Monday, so I took a few photos as they headed out. I'll post one here and a few at the end of this post ... because I have them, and I don't know which is best. Not that I'm much of a people photographer, but I try.

So, on Tuesday we drove the 4+ hours back home, and it was pleasant enough in the lighter weekday traffic. Something I ate or something other was affecting my system and still is to some degree, and that night I woke up at 2am after about only 4 hours of sleep. And this was after a few nights on an unfamiliar and smaller bed, so I was already a little knackered.

My head and spirit were not in a good place but got a little better after a short nap come late morning. My naps are inevitably short, but they still seem to help, and I was less groggy and miserable afterward. I had another wee kip later in the day, and my two subsequent nights have been good with me sleeping until almost 5:30 after getting close to 7 hours of sleep. Seven hours is about my outer limit these days although I could perhaps do with about three weeks of 9 hour sleeps to begin to make up my deficit. That won't ever happen although I may approach the recommended and blessed 8 hours once a year. I did say approach. Sigh.

We're in a bit of a dilemma about Thanksgiving (in two weeks) and making our annual autumn trip to the cottage. We were planning to head there next week and stay for about a week before driving back home for Thanksgiving here with Shauna and the kids. But Heather can't make it then and would like us to visit with her for TG and afterward. We could also touch bases with her kids and families over the holiday weekend, but it will be crowded in the small cottage.

However, it is very tempting, but our Shauna is not necessarily keen on a crowded weekend in this small venue, especially sine she did did this a few weeks ago for an extended family rendez vous. And then there's my back and the lack of comfort at the cottage and wondering just how long I can manage. There is also the issue of my sleeping in the best of times and small, strange beds do not constitute the best of conditions.

So that is pretty much my nil report, but I feel like I have now done my duty.

I leave you with three more sister pics.


Mage said...

So sorry you came home tired and beat. Your wife and sister look great. I like the second one from the bottom. Sue looks best in that one.

Feel better soon.

Joanne Noragon said...

Frame the next to last. Great composition, all around.

Marie Smith said...

Your sleeping issues sound familiar here, AC.

Vicki Lane said...

Nice pics! The sleeping comfort vs. family issue is all too familiar. The older I get, the more I value my comfort. It seems necessary for cheerful functioning.

Virginia Dean said...

I'm always taken aback when I hear you Canadians talk of Thanksgiving.
Actually I wish ours was the same date and not so near Christmas. I guess you just can't satisfy some people … like me ! I liked your "fog" pictures in your last entry.

Shammickite said...

Toronto traffic? Horrible.

MARY G said...

The last one, for me. And I am about to listen to the broadcast Shauna put up.

Jenn Jilks said...

Your women are snappy dressers!
I hear you about the back issues and crowding. At our age, comfort and sleeping is a priority!!!