Saturday, September 08, 2018

Breakfast, Thingies, and Thumpings in the Night

JJ is having a sleepover, but as Sue slept in late this morning (after a tough night for her -- more below), I took him out for breakfast at McDonalds. I don't think he had eaten a sausage mcmuffin (with egg) before, and he was quite impressed. And this, in turn, impresses me because he is not a foodie and kind of a picky eater.

This is the phone shot that I posted on FB when I checked in because I know that everybody wants to know what I am doing for breakfast. Or at least his grandmother and parents might want to know what Jonathan is doing for breakfast.

But what I really mean to post about is the generational difference between the kids and us oldies when it comes to ordering at McDonalds. Sue and I go to the counter where we give our order to a real person. Always.

But not the kids. When we took Danica there awhile ago, she made a beeline for the self-ordering machiney thingie. This morning JJ did exactly the same thing. Buppa (that's me, or that is I if you prefer) acquiesced, and together, we made our way through the dang offerings. Ordering in person, to a person, would have been easier IMHO.

Speaking of thingies, having used the word above,  last evening I asked Sue if she had put her thing on her thing. Or maybe I said thingie, but it doesn't matter.

For some strange reason, my question perplexed her. It took me awhile to translate what I meant. I was asking her if she had attached her pop-socket (which she had just bought) to her iphone. For the life of me, I can't begin to fathom why she couldn't deduce my meaning from your thingie on your thingie but the poor lady's mind ain't what it used to be.

I'm sure glad I don't have those mental problems.

So, I said I would get back to Sue's rough night.

She was awoken at about 12:30 by a prodigious thumping on the bed. She thought that it might be JJ roaming, but he was sound asleep in his own bed. She returned to bed, and there was another big thump -- right on the bed once again. Her heart began to thump, and her adrenaline began to pump.

Eventually, she discovered that it was me. My legs were periodically banging about in no uncertain terms. Apparently, the top of me was deep in restful slumber while my legs were banging about in no uncertain terms.

It had taken her about a half hour to figure out what was going on, and I probably kept at it for about an hour -- not constantly, you understand, just periodically. Then it took her another two hours to calm back down enough to get back to sleep.

Which is why she slept in this morning and why Jonathan and I went out to breakfast by ourselves after we had already been up for about two hours waiting for the lady to stir ... which she didn't.


Jim Flack said...

I never go to McDonalds for breakfast. Ours is too crowded! What the attraction is, I know not. I go across the street to Burger King. LOL! They have "senior coffee." Just the right size. They also have person-to-person ordering only!
I think it is great that you and JJ have such a close relationship. Reminds me of when my oldest grandson was younger and lived with me for a while. Now, he's 25 and living on his own 2000 miles away. But we had some good times and made some good memories.
Have a great weekend!

Joanne Noragon said...

We have real restaurants run by real people, who know home fries. I wonder if your town has home town people who know what "bacon, crisp" means. Who came in early to make cinnamon rolls.

Should Fish More said...

Been worked up for RLS by any chance? If the let 'thingy' keeps up, might consider this.


Mage said...

Sorry about those overactive legs. Tell that grandson that next time you will order via person. Maybe he will like it.

Christina said...

That's an strange thing to happen, restless legs while you are asleep. Maybe you were running away from something in your dream. A thingy or something :-)

I hope Sue has a restful sleep tonight.

Marie Smith said...

Poor Sue. Restless legs would keep most awake...though not you AC.

Peace Thyme said...

Damn. You are just like Big Bear with your thing on the thingy. Only his is the thing in/on/around the machine. Machine in each case might be truck, car, dryer, computer, phone, toothbrush, frig, etc., etc. Maddening!!!

Vicki Lane said...

Our dogs do that running in your sleep thingie. Poor Sue!

Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, gosh!