Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Back to School

Well,, the kids started school again yesterday. Going into grade 4, JJ is once again attending the same school as Danica, but Danica will move on again next year. Their first school went from JK to Gr3, and this one goes from 4 to 6. But I think the next school goes from 7 through 12, so they will be together for quite a few years again when the tome comes.

For the first day, we went to their house from some pictures and hair styling.

Danica watched the process with her iPhone. And probably took a few selfies. Probably more than a few, actually.

Meanwhile, I took JJ out back for a few photos, and then Danica joined him.

Then, a few on the front stoop before heading over to the step-house.

At the step-house, we took some photos with their two step-sisters.

Finally, off we went to the bus stop. This is the 8th year for Danica of taking a getting-on-the-bus photo and the 6th for Jonathan. I suspect that this will be the last bus photo for Danica as she will be travelling earlier on the high school bus next year, and family hovering might not be seen to be cool.

The bus photos are always a quick hit-and-miss affair, especially since this is a busy stop. Then I missed the disembarking afternoon photos because it was a different stop and we wren't exactly in the right place.


Mara said...

They look happy to be back in school again. Hopefully, that will stay the case in years to come.

Jenn Jilks said...

That's so much fun!
Ours are in Gr. 3 & 6. Next year, Jos goes to the gr. 7 - 12 high school. The one her momma, and uncles went to! I can't believe it! We went to many a concert there, as well as shows the kids were in. I guess it continues!

Mage said...

What wonderful images, and you have years of them. :)

Marty Damon said...

You must have been up pretty early to get all those wonderful pictures.
Love Danica's braids!

Christina said...

You have a beautiful family!

Virginia Dean said...

Oh to be that young again … and to think that you have it all in photos. They will really appreciate it years from now. Well done, AC

Marie Smith said...

High school before you know it AC.

Vicki Lane said...

Love the hair styles!

Jim Flack said...

My grands began school here on Aug.8. Gets earlier every year. Our public school system is headed towards a "balanced system" where the students will go to school "year-round" but with longer "holidays" and breaks. The same amount of days attending, just spread out more. As a former educator, I am all for it. It makes for better continuity in the classroom and less "reteaching" of concepts at the beginning of the school term.