Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Maple Museum

After our lengthy meal and chat, Brian (who is also a photographer) and I, took a quick tour of the museum at Wheelers. I have been through this any number of times, but this time, I used my wide angle lens. It's my priciest lens, and I haven't really used it enough.

One usually accepts the distortion of a wide angle lens for the effect that it produces and also tries to get something in the foreground.

I was in a tired mood when I first uploaded these images and trashed most of them. I shouldn't do that.

When I went back to the ones that I kept, I decided to process them in black and white. Or almost b&w because I decided to let a little tinge of colour show through. This actually makes this set of images look more sepia.

I processed the images as a set, using almost identical processing on each.

As you enter, they show the old, pioneer method of boiling the sap.

Some of the tools that may have been used in the sugar bush in the early days.

The whole tool crib as it were. The wide angle effect is really working in this view, bring the railing close and pushing the rest way back. The passage is not nearly as large as it looks in this photo.

Ye Olde Lantern

At first, I hadn't included the next photo, but then I had a second thought. It also focuses on the lantern but in horizontal (or landscape) mode. When all is said and done, I think I like this version better. Not that I will claim a prize for any of these, but in the end, I had fun with this set..


Country Gal said...

I love all the old tools my hubs would love this place to . I use my most expensive lens all the time it is my fave a 55-300mm telephoto zoom all my lenses are light weight and have VR built in them (Vibration Reduction) . I have a 18-55mm wide but don't use it as much unless I am taking large scenery shots . Both hubs and I have cameras and lots of lenses between the two of us lol . I use Lightroom more then Photoshop for all my photos to catalog keep and adjust if need to be . Thanks for sharing Lovely photos and what a great place .

Marie Smith said...

The lens and black and white were great choices here!

Joanne Noragon said...

These are fun pictures.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Black and white does work well for these scenes and sometimes it's fun to concentrate on using a single lens.

Mage said...

The sepia was a good solution. I like the top landern but might crop the top tighter.
Have you met up with the Photographer Stefan Danielski on Facebook. He focuses on black and white images aboard the ships he works aboard. You might enjoy his work. I do.

Jenn Jilks said...

I wondered if you'd visited the museum. Such amazing artifacts. Our neighbours, across the highway, have such up-to-date equipment! Such a contrast.