Thursday, February 08, 2018

Snow Day 8

We got a call, or maybe FaceTime, from Danica on Tuesday evening: "Could we come to your place if it's a snow day tomorrow?"

The thing is that it wasn't snowing, and in fact it wasn't snowing in the morning either. But the buses were cancelled regardless. And .... it soon started to come down and kept coming down until about supper time.

So, we did have Snow Day #8 (that's number, not hash tag lol) although we've only had them for 3 or 4 of those days.

One of the first things was to show them Musk's SpaceX clip, the part with 2 of the boosters returning to their pads and of the $100 000 car floating in space.

What a marvellous feat, especially for a private enterprise company compared to the billions that have been poured into space programs by governments. Mind you, Musk did have the benefit of furrows ploughed as it were, but still, I find it remarkable.

JJ brought up the subject of Mars; I think he asked if anyone was living there, but I can't remember for sure how it came up. I did predict that people would be living on Mars in their lifetimes. I wonder if it will happen and whether they will remember this conversation if it does.

Then, Danica worked on a Valentine card for mom in Photoshop while Jonathan made one by hand. This was after Danica had worked on metric conversion for awhile: centimetres to metres, grams to kilograms and so on. It was a good exercise, and I only had to assist once or twice.

JJ's strange garb, above, was because he put on my duds when Sue shoe-ed them (or at least him) out to clear the walk. Not to worry about child labour: the walk is small and the snow was light. He thought it quite hilarious to be wearing my clothes.

Later in the morning, Grandma gave Danica a spiffy DO, and then we played Monopoly.

Then it was lunchtime after which the kids visited their former babysitter across the street for an hour or two before returning for another game of Monopoly.

Danica won both games and Grampa lost badly. The old fella could not stay off the taxation squares and when he could, he was forever landing on owned properties. Meanwhile, Sue kept landing in jail. Strange how luck or lack of same works.

Finally, Danica had some reading homework to attend to. She had to read 16 (I think it was) pages and time herself. She used the stopwatch function on her phone for that.

We had a pretty nice day with them. Next year they may be old enough to stay on their own, but I hope they will still like to visit the old folk for awhile yet.


Marie Smith said...

I hope you have them a lot longer too, AC

Joanne Noragon said...

In his teens and twenties, my nephew was in a rocket club. They built and launched rockets. I don't know if it was legal; they just did it. One of the members of the club died from leukemia. He asked the club send his cremated remains up, the highest flight of all. They did. Today my nephew was posting on SpaceX sights, that would be his flight.

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a great snow day. The grandsons don't come much anymore.

John, do you know what happened to Philip from Pebbles in the Stream I see he hasn't posted since December 2013.

At least 3 of my blogger friends have passed in the last couple years. I miss them.

Tabor said...

What a beautiful and wonderful day for all of you. I am jealous. Danica can read 16 pages while our own President cannot be bothered to read the 20 page memo written by the Democrats. Oh well, the General said he would summarize it for him.

Mage said...

What a wonderful day. Magical actually. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's so nice when they sit long enough to do a good hairdo!
I love teaching that metric math ladder!!!!
Both our older grandies have had haircuts, though.

troutbirder said...

I remember back in the fifties when my moms niece and her boyfriend "supervised me" one evening and I predicted Americans would land on the moon in my lifetime. I was laughed at in a rather decisive manner...:)

Kay said...

Chicago had a snow day too. When I was teaching they RARELY had snow days. They've had them more often since I retired.