Saturday, February 03, 2018

JJ's Birthday, Part 1

Jonathan will officially be 9 tomorrow, but we began the celebration yesterday by continuing what seems to have become a tradition: picking him (and her on her birthday) up from school at lunchtime and taking him out for lunch. Of course, they never make it back to school.

Yesterday, after some deliberation, he chose A&W for the lunch.

Then, it was off to purchase his birthday present. Since it was to be roller blades, we really needed to have him try them on. This is wintertime in Canada, so those kinds of skates were packed away with only ice skates on display, but I had obtained the stock number online, and the clerk was able to find them in the stockroom.

Being adept on ice skates, he had no problem trying them out at the store. In fact, he skated up and down the aisle a lot while we determined that they seemed to fit well with no nasty rubbing.

He didn't want to stop, but we finally prevailed upon him to pack them away.

The next step was to head to the donut shop. We just used the drive-through and indulged at home.

At home, there was much much skating back and forth in our little kitchen. He had a blast but won't get much real skating done for months now. Even if you're not family, you may wish to check out the clip briefly to see how much fun he (and we) are having.

This was part 1 of his birthday. Today, he will celebrate with Dad and friends. Tomorrow, his actual birthday, Shauna will have a family lunch and cake. Well, not really cake, which he doesn't prefer, but a dozen donuts. I shall report back.

As an afterthought, I am including a shorter clip of him trying out his skates in the store.


Silver Willow said...

Looks like he's a lucky little boy, and you are lucky grandparents! Enjoy the celebrations!

Joanne Noragon said...

I remember several wonderful summers with grandchildren rollerblading on the drive Every year we bought a new set; the previous pair was handed down one child. We also lived at the top of a double hill (reasonable grade down, flat stretch, another longer grade to the bottom). Every child tried it once and spent a good deal of time walking back uphill, carrying skates. Jonathon is in for a great summer.

Marie Smith said...

Enjoy the rest of the celebrations! Happy birthday to your little sweetie...not so little any more.

Bernie said...

I cannot believe JJ is nine already. I still remember him in a snowsuit watching the Santa Claus parade. Feel like I know these great kids personally. Have enjoyed watching his journey.. Time goes by so fast. xx

Christina said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson Jonathan. He looks very happy! I have roller blades in the attic somewhere. I haven't used them in years because the road surfaces are really poor here in Glasgow. My nine year old uses roller skates (with wheels), which are a bit more forgiving.

Jenn Jilks said...

I went rollerblading with a blind date, once upon a time (between husbands).
I didn't meet him again!

That said, it's a great activity! Happy kids!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Since I have trouble just walking backwards, rollerblades would not be for me but then Jonathan is younger and more adept. Looking forward to seeing outdoor roller blading this spring.