Saturday, February 17, 2018

Posting Postings

I'm not going to wade into the gun debate too deeply, but I will repost a few items that I have come across on social media.

This first one is from David Frum. He's a conservative who served as speech writer under Bush. But he is also a fellow who does not exactly hold a high view of current Republicans, and certainly not of their president as he has shown in his book, Trumpocracy.

I supply that background to note that I take his musings seriously. I mean when a conservative chastises conservatives, it piques my interest. I find it credible in other words.

This particular post has to do with vetting gun licence applicants. It works pretty well in Canada, and I can't see why it is a stumbling block in America.

I don't know or follow this person but it was re-posted by someone whom I do follow. To me, assuming the reported numbers are correct,  it speaks of the government completely disregarding the will of the majority of Americans in favor of the gun lobby which has bought their votes. Does anyone think that this is how a democracy is supposed to work?

However, this last one takes the cake. When a friend posted this, I almost lost it, but I I managed to control myself. I didn't rant and rave back at her. There was no point. But I will rant and rave at you. Not really, but I would like to point that it is (a) untrue and (b) theologically asinine.

It's just not true! Students can take their bibles to school and pray if they want to. It's just that the school and their employees are not to promote religion (although many still do). For example: if a group of football players decide that they want to pray for a touchdown, they can. It's just that a coach can't call them together and lead them, or even participate for that matter (although some do). Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

Permit me to move on to the theological part though.

Oh my goodness, what does this say about God?

Do such posters purport that the omnipotent God is saying, "Because you can't officially promote me, I am unable to cross the threshold? I mean, I am God and I really want to help out, but I am unable to."

Really?! Unable?!

Or is the vision here that God has a right to be miffed, that he has hurt feelings? So is he is just stamping his feet in a huff with his back turned, saying, "OK, so if you won't officially invite me in, I am going to give carte blanche to anyone who wants to kill your babies. I could stop them if I wanted to, but I am pissed, so there!"

In either case, is this what people think of their God? Or do some people not really think at all?

I don't think you really have to answer that last part. We all know the answer.


Marie Smith said...

I’ve seen that last meme and felt the same!

To think that schools have drills for such gun attacks is scary! But when nothing changed after Sandy Hook, what will it take to bring change? So the drills continue and even though this Florida school was as well prepared as the drills allowed, so many died anyway from an automatic machine gun at the hands of a fellow teenager.

Trump doesn’t need to keep people out!

Joanne Noragon said...

Dear John

Our country completely disregards the will of the majority of Americans, in favor of the gun lobby that bought their votes. It is true that 3% own half the guns. Wealth and guns rise. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Shammickite said...

I am very glad that my grandchildren live in Canada.

MARY G said...


troutbirder said...

Well said.

Mage said...

Thank you for posting this. Just what we all need to read...those statistics.

Kay said...

This is an awesome post, John! You are absolutely right, of course! The NRA has such a tight grip on the Republicans in Congress. I loved your take on God being such a resentful, weak entity.

Jenn Jilks said...

They also believe gun rights are granted by God.
They are seriously misguided and fooled like people such as Billy Graham. It's frustrating the conspiracy theories, I know I've written about those! They continue. Did you watch the CNN thingie Wed. night? Those kids did well.

Jim Flack said...

I find it hard to remain reticent when I read comments like some of these, but I have no comeback, simply none. Because of our (US of A) separation of church and state, it is believed that God (Christian, capital G) is not in our schools. Yes he is. And he is not hiding in some dark corner. It is just a choice that students can make, instead of being forced to attend a daily religious service.
As far as the "gun" thing, don't ever think it can't happen to you and your schools just because you live in Canada. It can, and it will! Why? None of us know what evil lurks in the minds of people.
I do appreciate your posts, John, it's just hard for me to read some of the comments. But that's what our freedom of speech is all about, isn't it!