Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Just some dumb stuff to share because ... because I have no idea why.

We just had 18 consecutive days of rain. We've never had more.

Facebook wanted to know if I want this message translated from Haitian Creole. I didn't.

I became overwhelmed with requests for donations, so I recently had to give up and trash this pile.

And the pile has already had all envelopes removed, which was two for each request — one incoming and one for my contribution.

Unsolicited cards and many return address labels were also removed prior to shooting.

But I do hang onto pens and notepads.

Clearly, I donate to charities; if I didn't I wouldn't have so many requests, even though there are a few mailing lists that I don't know how I got on. Covenant House?  But the pile overwhelmed me, and I had to start over. Then I got another envelope in the mail right after binning the above. It quickly joined the others.

Obviously, they generate income by sending requests and freebies, even if many of them get trashed. But I wish there was another less wasteful way.


Marie Smith said...

From now on, I am going to request any charity I support not share my info with others. I have the same problem and concern. I wonder are they required to respect such a request?

Tabor said...

I have the same problem. They should save their money and just take my donation!

Mara said...

I keep wondering about the Haitian Creole. Perhaps if you would have had it translated, it would have shown a lady in a bikini? Or perhaps a request for a donation??

Debbie said...

i don't donate to charities anymore, even the MS society. after much research i have not been happy with how the money is spent, the large salaries collected by the administration. i have 2 nieces that are in need of help and so i help them instead. i also help one family that i found through a friend that is in desperate need and the circumstances are unbelievable. i feel better about where my money is going. i buy them food store gift cards, clothes...i have paid electric bills...i do things like that and it feels awesome!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

If only some of these charities realized that by continually soliciting they are literally biting the hands that feed them. I have had the same issue as yourself and others who commented. We want to donate to what we consider worthy causes and then these places turn around and send constant donation requests and/or provide contributor's names to similar organizations. I am now in the habit of returning all unsolicited requests and also notify places I supported that if the barrage continues no further $ will be sent. It has actually worked in some cases.

Jenn Jilks said...

I never donate if they send stuff. Such a pain. I use Canada, it's better. You can tell them to or not to send you stuff. All the rest? crafts!

Mage said...

Ours appear in our inbox. I like it better that way.

Kay said...

I know what you mean. We get bags, pens, address labels, notepads, etc. Most are not of very good quality, of course, and I really wish they would use the money for their cause and not spend it on these things. We've told some of them to stop sending them, but that was futile.