Saturday, June 04, 2016


mired: to be stuck as in mud

Yes indeedy, I have been well mired lately: pretty much stuck by more than one factor.

We'll begin with the computer, shall we?

You may recall that I have moaned about computer troubles on previous posts. But at least it was usable back then. For more than the past two weeks, it has lain dormant.

Whilst I have been keeping up with blogs on my iPad to some degree at least, I am not particularly disposed to typing out posts on this remarkable device -- except now I am.

More than a week ago, I was set to drive into town to purchase a new one. That was to have taken place a week ago last Wednesday. But my back was feeling a little worse for wear. I had been having spasms since the previous Sunday, and they weren't getting better.

The next day, Thursday, it was even worse. By last Saturday, I could barely move without being in some sort of agony. I resorted to pushing my computer chair around for support when I had to visit the unowhat. Then daughter came through with a borrowed walker. I could really put my weight on it, and that helped a whole lot.

But I was really mired in bed for a few days.

While mired in bed, I resorted to watching Netflix on my iPad. I watched Longmire. (I trust you see what clever thing I have done here.)

I had previously watched a few episodes with Sue, who did not love the program, but when I dialed back in, I was hooked. I finished season 1 and moved on through 2, 3 and 4 in fairly short order. It was sooo captivating with lots of character and drama. The plots weren't totally circular as they are in some tv dramas but kept progressing; some plot lines actually came to an end while others came to life.

It was good stuff. I found that to be Longmired was a significant relief from being computermired and backmired.

So, how was this for an iPad post?

BTW, after two weeks, my back is getting there, but I still have to be careful. The computer? My SIL now has it as his place and is trying to sort it out. I still expect to purchase a new one when I feel up to driving into town, but maybe the old one will get fixed.

But please don't tell me to buy a Mac at 2.5X what I will have to pay for a new PC. I know that your heart is n the right place, and I commend you that you are able to afford a Mac, but ...


TexWisGirl said...

sorry for your woes and pains. i watched longmire when it was on a&e (i think). when it moved to netflix, i missed it.

Jim Flack said...

I have watched every episode of Longmire at least twice, and read most of the series of books. I guess I am Longmired, too. I anxiously await the coming of the next season's episodes, which I believe will hit Netflix in September. I am wondering who barged into Longmire's bedroom!!
I was disappointed when A&E cancelled the series, but Netflix saw the light and stepped in and made it an "original Netflix Production." Yay!!
So sorry about your back problems. I have a theory that "when your back hurts, you hurt all over." I hope things are looking up for you, and that you get to town soon to get that new PC. That sounds like fun, and a learning experience too.

Anvilcloud said...

Tex and Jim. I never saw it before. Now I understand why episodes went from 43' to ~60' in season 4. The series is excellent, but it might help that I watched westerns when I was a kid.

KGMom said...

No need to buy a Mac. I got one last year (still have my PC though because of a program I need). There are differences between the two types of computers. But PCs have come a long way.
Looking forward to your blogging. And I will think good thoughts and send them your way- for your back to heal.

Ginger said...

Well, I won't recommend a Mac, even though I'm very fond of mine. To each his own, and I've found that computer platforms are very touchy issues, almost like talking about religion and politics. I will, however, recommend a medication called Tramadol, which significantly helps my dad to live with the nerve pain in his spine.

Marie Smith said...

I too loved Longmire. I understand your own interest.

Hope your back recovers soon. Misery thy name is back.

I do everything on my Ipad. I couldn't use anything else now. When you get accustomed to it, it's great.

Mara said...

The only iThingy I got is my iPod which I am fond of, but can't use for much more than taking the occasional photo and listening to all my music. I went back from laptop to stand-alone pc. Love it.

Hope your back is getting better, even if it might be going slowly.

Shammickite said...

Sorry but I have not heard of Longmire but I don't have Netflix or even cable TV so it's hardly surprising. However if I ever come across it, I will watch it on your recommendation.I hope your back is better. This back spasms are so debilitation. My sympathy to you and I hope you're getting a bit better each day. Sympathy too for your computer difficulty, I hate the damn things but they seem to be a necessity for life these days.

Kay said...

What a coincidence. I've had a back problem for about three weeks now. I just wrote a post about it and it's scheduled to go up in a couple of weeks. It's so aggravating.

Your computer problem is a hassle too. I'm amazed you wrote a whole post on the iPad! Wow! I wouldn't have the patience.

I did buy a MacBook for travel and to be honest, I can't seem to get my brain to switch over from a PC to the iOS setup... or whatever you call it. I need to take lessons, but we would have to drive into town and we've been too lazy.

altar ego said...

I commiserate on so many levels: the pain, the languishing computer, the well-intentioned advice to get a Mac! First, I'm glad you're on the mend. Second, I'm glad there is hope for the dormant PC. Third, I'm glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also using my iPad for all things computer while my own is needing some attention, so we are feasting off similar circumstances. All will be well! And now, to Netflix to delve into Longmire.

Mary Gilmour said...

I can handle Windows 10 (just upgraded in the PC world) but the Photo storage is a pain in the neck. When your back pain subsides and you get your new machine, consider transporting your photos in their present configuration in some way that will preserve that configuration. The YD had her transfer professionally done and her photos are still in their former order.
When this amateur did her own transfer, I ended up with complete date order and am still struggling to find stuff.
Glad you made it around the block and hope the improvement continues.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

We enjoy Longmire, bought the series.

(Made on a Mac!)

Ruth said...

I hope your back is continuing to improve. No one warned us that getting older was so painful. I just signed up on Netflix but haven't had a lot of time to explore its offerings. Will have to check out Longmire.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Friends have read the books and enjoy them tremendously. I am not a westerns fan so have not watched any of the Longmire episodes on Netflix, but may give them a try on your recommendation. Hope the back pains will be subsiding as well as the PC woes. And, I would never recommend what to purchase as its a personal and financial decision. I have used both platforms.

Donna said...

Love Longmire! Waiting for the new season to come out!