Friday, June 17, 2016

When I Was Gone

While I did manage a few posts during both my sickness and the computer's, there seems to be a big gap. So, here we go with some updates, muchly in pictures.

Although my computer had been acting up for several weeks, it really went AWOL a few days before our long weekend on which we celebrate Victoria Day, which is celebrated on the Monday before May 25. For this reason, it has become known as May 24th weekend although I can't seem to remember it ever occurring on May 24th. At some point in time, the kids took to calling it May two-four because they like to go camping and drink cases of 24 brewskies.

Back in 1969, we got married on the Saturday of May 24th weekend: on May 17, with Victoria Day being on the 19th that year. So, we try to do at least a little something to commemorate the weekend every year. This year, we went to the cottage — for just a day because with both blackflies and mosquitoes in their ascendancy we would be kept indoors, so a day to catch up was all that was needed.

It was Heather with whom we wanted to catch up. You may recall that she is my soon-to-be-published, sister-in-law author. She had just attended the big Booksellers Convention in Chicago where her book received quite a lot of buzz. It is almost unheard of for a new Canadian author to get invited to this major America trade show, but she was and while there, received many invitations to visit American cities once the book comes out.

Here we are, Heather and me on the tiny screened-in sunporch: open to breezes but barricaded from the bugs. I am holding her publisher's fall catalog where her book made the cover. Good stuff.

Occasionally, I stuck my head out the door, just long enough to snap a few photos. I pretty much take these same shots on every visit, but it was certainly all I could get to this time. You just don't want to mess with blackflies. For those who don't know about blackflies, they come out in spring by the ever-luvin hordes, and they are small enough to get everywhere such as in your eyes, ears and mouth. They can bite too.

Garage/Repair Shop with the red barn in the background. We did see an unusual sighting in the area to the left in the photo, just across the lane from the sunporch. A moose visited for a little nibble. Sadly, we didn't get a photo, for a passing truck soon scared her off.

Another standard shot: pretty much out the back door, looking past the back yard to the old barn.

The red barn again, through the gate.

We went on Saturday, and came back on Sunday, and that's when I first felt a twinge in my back — while unloading the car. However, the next day, holiday Monday, is traditional gardening day in these parts as you can almost be sure to escape a late frost. Almost. It worked out this year.

We did our bit by going to the garden centre — two garden centres actually. I and my back stayed on the sidelines for the most part (but probably not enough) while Sue searched giddily for flowers for her pots.

Sue looks happy enough on this winter's over weekend.
This is what our front garden looks like on May 24. The tulips are still blooming, the forget-me-nots are flourishing, and the ground phlox are in full vigour. Of course they are all well done by early June, and we wait for the early summer flowers to bloom. They're a bit slow coming this year because after one hellishly hot weekend, it has been rather chilly around here.

As an afterthought, I add this photo of the backyard. It has always been such a mess back there, that we have covered the whole yard with layers of cloth superimposed by mulch. It's a small yard, and with a tree, lilac bush, birdbath, flowerpots, chairs, deck and some rock arrangements (not seen in photo), there is enough to make it interesting.

The kids had a PD Day somewhere in there, with their main activity being learning how to make a lunch at the local grocery store. They seemed to enjoy it. Sue took this pic when she dropped them off. We had some of JJ too of course, but this one of Danica was the best photo.

Along with my previous posts, I think we are more or less up to date, but I will post this one photo strip which was taken on an outing to Montreal with their dad. They found an old-fashioned photo booth that seemed pretty doggone awesome when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and this is the result.

What a pair of monkeys!


KGMom said...

What is the title of the to-be-published book? And topic?

Black flies--ah, the bane of our summer's existence. Around here some folks call them no-seeums. For obvious reasons.
I hate them. I am a magnet for insects of all types--I am constantly being bitten. The only good thing about that is that I must be tasty...enough for a black fly or mosquito to want to bite.

P.S. love the garden!

Mara said...

Oh, I love that photo strip. It just shows them having so much fun!!

TexWisGirl said...

the photo strip is cute. the black flies sound awful. wonder if they're the same thing that 'blooms in hordes' down here in spring, too.

congrats to your sil!

Marie Smith said...

The kids are adorable!

I know what you mean about the black flies. Such a nuisance and so prolific. One of the negatives of summer.

Great news about Heather!

Mage said...

So very sorry about the back, but I am overjoyed you found Longmire. They are well into filming season 5 now, and we too are pleased. Great stuff about the sister in law too.

troutbirder said...

I'd rather deal with a bear in the woods than a zillion blackflies. Noah shouldn't have allowed them on the Ark....

Country Gal said...

There are a few ways to tackle black flies and deer fly's and not have to be stuck indoors because of them as we have them down here to and that is 1. Wear light coloured clothing and wear protective mesh nets over your head 2. a bounce sheet under the back of the hat hanging out works to as they don't like the scent of it 3 have lavender scented candles burning when your sitting out side they don't like the smell of that either . We live in a wooded area here in our valley and near a marsh and river and the bugs can be very bothersome for us so we do all these things so that we can still enjoy being outside . also if you can stand the extra heat have a campfire or chiminea going whilst your outside that also wards them off . Lovely photos . I hope your back is getting better . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and Happy Fathers day to you .

ADRIAN said...

Good to see you and the computer are feeling better.

Shammickite said...

Those %^*&^$!!! blackflies are horrid! None around here right now but plenty when I go for a walk in the nearby wooded area. Congratulations to your SIL on the book, and for being invited to the trade show. And happy Father's Day!

Linda Kay said...

Not familiar with blackflies, but don't think I want to meet them either. We battle the mosquitoes here, but spraying helps. That photo strip is really cute. Happy summer!

Ginnie said...

Please tell us more about your Sister-in-law's book. How exciting. I hope you're feeling better ... backs are such tricky things! I didn't think they even had those photo booths anymore, what fun!

Kay said...

Wow! Spring is really busting out all over in Canada. I hope your back is 100% soon. Mine is more or less OK. I did the electrical stimulation along with the heat pad and it's feeling OK. Not 100%, but so much better.

Vicki Lane said...

Congratulations to your sister-in-law! Oh, the excitement! Your garden looks beautiful!

Jim Flack said...

Your gardens are beautiful. Sue has the touch!