Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Back in Sarnia, Sue had many friends who all seemed to want to celebrate her birthday in some way such as taking her out for coffee or having her over for a ladies afternoon tea. It got to the point that I used to joke about the celebration having become a month-long event rather than just limited to one day.

In our first year in this town, without scads of friends, I made sure to do something of note for the whole birthday week at least in my best attempt to continue the tradition.

Now, we kind of make a joke of it. If we go out for coffee anytime in March, we say that it is part of the birthday celebration. We went out for breakfast last week, and I guess that really was part of the celebration as we likely would not have gone otherwise. Then, I made a western omelette for brunch on her actual birthday ... and you get the idea.

Sue plays it up and makes it fun as she does life.

Then, we had two weekend events with Sha and the kids. On Friday, we went over for the official supper with cake and gifts. On Saturday, we picked up Sha and the kids and went to one of the local sugar shack establishments. Tonight, we'll have an Easter supper, once again with Sha and the kids, and, what the heck, we'll call that part of the birthday too. And we may have company in the next few weeks — family coming specifically for a late birthday treat — so the celebration isn't over yet.


Before leaving for the kids' on Friday, Sue stopped to smell the hyacinths while wearing
a birthday scarf gift from a distant friend.

Then it was time to open gifts. Apparently, this was an exciting one.

A nose-to-nose moment with JJ.

Then came the cake. Danica was the official bearer this year and helped to blow out the candles.

After supper, the kids entertained us with an impromptu fashion show. JJ really got into the presentation with lots of groovy moves. (Can I still say "groovy"?)

On Saturday, we headed to Temples Sugar Camp for brunch. Just about everyone in the county seemed to think it would be a fine thing to do on a warmish and sunny Easter Saturday. I had to circle the parking lot numerous times before I was able to find a spot. Inside, we lined up for almost a half hour before being escorted to a table. Sha saved our spot in the line, and it was nice enough outside for the kids to play.

They were intent on chipping the ice from Thursday's ice storm from the railing. (Sue in the background.)

Then, they played on the boulders. Overhead is the tubing taking the syrup from the trees to the boiler.

Once seated, we were pleasantly surprised to be served by a former neighbour, whose kids rode the same school bus from the same stop as ours. She's the one wearing the bunny hat in the background in this photo of Sue and JJ.

Danica was quite pleased with the situation.

For brunch there was french toast, pancakes, sausages and waffles (not all items for every person, I'll have you know). It was good, but the kids were ready for some exercise after our nice breakfast, so I took them, or rather they took me, for a walk around the slushy trail while the ladies stayed by the restauant in their fine clothes and footwear.

There are a number of little bridges built to protect that the tubes carrying the syrup. You can see the tube in this photo. Danica decided that she needed some solitary poses on the bridges.

It was a good celebratory weekend in a good celebratory month. We can't remember Easter falling on the same weekend as Sue's birthday, which was right on Good Friday this year. Next year, Easter will be in mid-April, when we will not expect to see snow on the ground. However, if we go to the sugar camp as part of Sue's birthday celebrations, as we often do, we will make sure to do it on a weekday.


Marie Smith said...

Beautiful photos of a great family weekend. Nothing better than a birthday and family time.

Heather Tucker said...

Lets be honest. Sue celebrates every single precious day. Looking forward to the Hobbit birthday and second breakfasts!

Vicki Lane said...

Great pictures! What a lovely lady!

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

Happy Belated B day Sue . I celebrated Easter and my B day this weekend as well . Lovely photos . Still lots of snow there we are green here It was warm and sunny here today 20C and we had a great day tiding the yard and had a camp fire going to thunderstorms for us over night . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Mara said...

Happy belated birthday to Sue. Love the photo collage you made for her. If I ever get the hang of it, I might try something like that for my family.

Danica looks so grown up in that photo where she is posing. Such a beautiful girl!

Shammickite said...

mmmmm maple syrup! So yummy, and to think it comes out of a tree, amazing! Hope everyone enjoyed the birthday celebrations.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! These are such beautiful photos of your beautiful Sue and your gorgeous grandchildren. What a wonderful birthday month she is having. You must be her favorite gift. I especially love that first photo of Sue and the hyacinths.

Hena Tayeb said...

Great pictures.. looks like a wonderful birthday!