Wednesday, March 02, 2016

On The Eh Train

I think we've hit the dog days of winter if there is such a thing. Just when we really want winter to be finished, we've been experiencing the winteriest part of this winter. Today marks our sixth snowday (as in school buses cancelled) in 3 weeks. We have not experienced this many cancellations in the kids' 5 years of school.

We had company on the weekend as Sue's sister and BIL visited. Aside from getting together the main reason was to attend a lecture on Friday night. Confidently, I avowed that we didn't need the GPS because I knew exactly where I was going. Which was true, except I didn't.

The map in my head was just slightly off. I thought our turnoff was just after a certain main street. So, we passed that street and kept driving and driving — for 10 minutes anyway. It turned out that we should have turned just before that particular street, but I wasn't even looking at that point.

On Sunday, we went to a quaint English-style pub, the Old Mill at Ashton, that I mentioned a few posts back. We had enjoyed decent finger foods while there, and since Brian is a beer connoisseur and they do brew craft beers on site, we thought it would make for a nice outing.


We all had terrible meals. Really bad. As is yucky yuck yuck. And Brian didn't exactly rave about the beer either.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, one of my hearing aids has crapped out. To repair it will cost ~$450. But they are almost 6 years old. If I repair one, the other could require repairs tomorrow. OTOH, new devices will set me back $3000, give or take. What to do? Sigh.

Meanwhile, I am saying "Eh?" a lot — even more than usual.

Since we plan to head away to the cottage on the weekend or early next week, I will be saying "Eh?" and driving people and myself crazy for at least another few weeks.

I am not sure that I will post anything before we go and pretty unlikely while we're away, so you may not have AC to kick around for awhile now.



Linda Kay said...

You and my hubby could do a chorus! We are going tomorrow to adjust his hearing aids, and I'm going along to test my voice with his devices. Been a lot of "eh" here as well.

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the canadian 'eh?' :) good luck!

Country Gal said...

That's a shame about the pub they are usually really good . You have had lots of snow up there . Oh man that's a lot of $$ for these things I guess insurance of some kind doesn't cover it , thankfully when Papa retires his company will still cover 100% of health benefits for us both till well our ticket is punched shall we say for things like that and more . I hope you can find help in paying for it . Yeah Papa here does the EH? regardless of his one def ear we call it selectively deaf lol ! Hope you have a nice trip to the cottage and stay over there , hope the weather is nice for you all to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Marie Smith said...

I just had a brace fitted for my knee rather than have surgery. It was $1650 but insurance covered 80% of it. I'd have had it regardless. It gave my life back to me. Not having insurance to cover such costs keeps some people from getting assistive devices that could change their lives. It makes me sad think that is the case.

Mary Gilmour said...

A, eh. Hope you have a fine and snow free break.

Jim Flack said...

Have a great time on your break. We all need one once in a while. As for the "Eh?" I can sympathize. I can no longer use the aid I have because of ear health (perpetual infection in that ear caused by having it plugged by the tube and earpiece.) I had the implant and am awaiting the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA if you want to look it up online). I get it "installed" on the 17th of this month. Hopefully my hearing will be improved almost immediately, or that's what the experts are telling me.
Take lots of pictures while you are gone so the rest of us can live your break vicariously! :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Too bad about the bad meals and beer at the pub. Hope you let the management know of your disappointments. That is a lot of $$ for the hearing aids. Enjoy your getaway at the cottage and if you don't hear what everyone is saying, you won't have to reply as maybe it's not so bad for awhile (?)

Donna said...

Seems to be either feast or famine up there, weather wise. just looks cold!
That's a lot of money for new hearing aids...don't know what I'd do!
Enjoy the weekend!

Ginnie said...

The winter weather must be getting to you, AC. Sorry about the hearing problems. Ain't it fun getting old?

Tabor said...

My husband knows where he is going 80% of the time, but I hate when the 20% happens when we have company. Sorry about your hearing aid. You may want to put out the big bucks and then get all the newest technology. We have some big (huge) house repair bills pending this spring and I am depressed about that because we have to do it.