Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tromping Through the Woods

While I am not too sure that one is technically tromping if one is snowshoeing, I like the word, so I am going with it (in the title).

Traditionally, with Sue and me, winter has been a favourite time to go to the cottage. Snowshoeing through the woods has always been an enjoyable activity. You get exercise, beauty, and no bugs.

This year, I found the lifting motion hard on my legs, so it was less enjoyable. Perhaps I did too much too soon, as I thought on the third and last day that it was going better with the old bod.

Whatever the case, I hereby, forthwith, and thusly presentest thou with a few photos. With the melting, they are not as glorious as in some years, but they are still good enough IMO.

First, a few shots of the woods and trails. Then, some people shots.

Perhaps my fave shot with the leading line and nice light
A pano looking downriver with the Reindeer Tree to anchor the scene
There was still some snow on boughs
And also snow on bare branches
Snow and lichens (?) on a fallen log
Onto some people shots. With my legs in some pain, I was always bringing up the rear, but that afforded some opportunities for occasional not-too-bad bum shots. :)

Getting your ducks (or people) in a row, nicely spread out and somewhat offset

I waited to catch the group heading around the corner

Then, I waited to frame Heather between the trunks

Brian, Heather and Elu in formation
Sometimes, I had the trio ... er, quartet (sorry Elu) ... stop and face the camera. Life is more than bums after all. :)

I told them to do something ... and they did ... something

I thought that having them stop and pose under the snow-laden, fallen tree was a good idea. None of us considered the safety factor. Bad Elu showed me what she thought of my picture-taking by turning her back — as if I needed another bum shot.
And so, we come to the end of snowshoeing in 2016. We did it for three days before conditions became too slushy in the mild weather. Even on the last day, it was so warm that I hung my coat on a tree partway through the tromp.

At this stage of life, one wonders if I will be around or if I am around if I will be physically able to tromp next year. Gotta make hay while the sun shines — or rather make snowshoe tracks while the snow lasts.


TexWisGirl said...

have never been but it looks like fun and a lot of good exercise!

Shammickite said...

I've never tried snowshoeing, looks like it might be hard on the knees! I often take TessaDog to the nearby forest in the winter, but once the trails get icy I wait until spring. The ice takes a long time to melt in the woods, and then it all turns to mud for a couple of weeks.

Anvilcloud said...

I have never found it hard on the knees, and my knees aren't good. In fact, it hasn't been hard at all until recently. But my difficulty is in muscles higher up.

Marie Smith said...

Such beautiful photos. The snow, trees, shadows, so many favourite things, plus exercise with people you love. What could be better? Great post.

ADRIAN said...

I have never used snow shoes but always enjoyed both cross-country and downhill skiing.

Mary Gilmour said...

I suspect that your legs were protesting the heavy snow. Our snowshoeing has been a real slog, heavy crust and it breaks and you have to drag the snowshoe up and over. And in the right conditions, snowshoes do make a sort of tromp noise. Like the word. And like the photos, especially the one with the dog butt in it. Happy people. Lovely day.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos . Any snowshoeing here has been a no go all winter as we didn't have enough snow. My leg muscles can bother me just waking let alone through snow lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Vicki Lane said...

That looks like a nice outing. Your pictures are wonderful -- I especially like the lichens (or whatever they are.)

Kay said...

Hello! I've seen you around the blogs of some of those in my "cyber family" and finally couldn't resist a visit. I'm glad I came. What fun to discover you are also a retired teacher. These are gorgeous photos. I don't think I ever tried snow shoeing. I did cross country skiing once and got blisters on my hands. I loved being out in the winter forest.

Hena Tayeb said...

I have never been snow shoeing before..
pic number 5 and 6 are my favorite.. plus of course the silly happy people.. looks like you all enjoyed yourselves.

Kathleen's Blog said...

Snow-shoeing is an awesome winter outdoor activity. Love all these photos---green with envy!!!! :)

Ginnie said...

I tried it snow shoeing about 60 years ago ... I'm still aching just thinking about it. Great pictures though.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We are soon envious that you got to do more snowshoeing. We have put ours away until next winter season, but we did manage to get in half a dozen outings this year which was good as this was out first year. But IF we had them last winter we would have had many more excursions. Nice scenics from your cabin outing and that included the human and canine shots as well.

Donna said...

Love the shots...but how is it that the dog isn't up to his butt in snow?