Friday, June 19, 2015

Some Other Dancers

I have posted some of my photos of Danica from her dance recital last weekend, but I have some of other dancers too.

 This first photo is from the last number, Halloween, before the intermission. It was quite fantastic.

Third from the left is a little neighbour girl; she is preschool, and this was her first dance recital. How cute. I printed a few photos of her for her parents because there's something special about the first recital, especially when they are this young.

Four year ago, Danica and I would meet a young girl at her school bus stop. We found out that she was also in dance, and I look for her every year. She has grown up to be a beautiful young lady and dancer. She was in six numbers, which means that the family is quite committed to funding her passion. At the end of the night, it was announced that she and a group of fellow dancers have won an expense-paid trip to a contest in San Diego.

This was another colourful number that demanded that I squeeze the shutter.

For me, the picture of the night (photographically speaking) was this next shot. This ballerina ended up in a position almost in front of me. She was by herself at the moment, so there was nothing to distract. And the light wasn't bad either for a change. On stage you often get cross and mixed lighting and crazy hilites and shadows, but she was in a good stage position for this shot.

It was fine straight out of the camera although it needed a bit of straightening, but I did choose to darken the background in order to hilite the dancer better. Danica preferred the pre-adjusted version, but hey, it's my art so my choice. lol

Finally, I will repost the very first Halloween photo, in mono this time. Obviously, I also like this shot a lot.


ADRIAN said...

I like the first one. It looks as if they are working.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Looks like these girls are very dedicated and talented. I like the first shot- and the single shot of the girl in the black and white costume. When my daughter was in dance they had the cutest costumes..and quite expensive. Probably even more, now.

TexWisGirl said...

you're right, the ballerina shot is a beauty! the halloween troupe is really neat! but i loved the tiny girls. so sweet.

KGMom said...

The photo of the young ballerina makes me think that in a few years that may be your granddaughter.
Ballet requires a lot of practice and dedication. But it also rewards young people with accomplishments that they alone have done.