Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Champion in a Slideshow

I hadn't intended this, but it is a slideshow of the photos from the previous two posts plus one or two others. There is a new version of Lightroom that has an updated Slideshow feature, and I decided to experiment with it.

It enables one to make a slideshow plus music in minutes. It is not high end with  lots or bells and whistles, but it does have crossfades and pans, so it is quite functional. The main thing is that it is easy; if you have this version of Lightroom, you can put a decent slideshow together in no time flat. (There was a SS module in earlier versions of LR, but it wasn't terribly good.)

The new Lightroom is either version 6, which is a one-time purchase, or CC which is a $10US monthly rental. The advantage to the rental version is that you also get Photoshop for that price, updates as soon as the are ready to roll, and Lightroom Mobile for your portable devices. You will not receive significant updates to LR6, and it may be two years before there is a LR7, assuming that there ever is a version 7 and they don't switch to the rental model entirely.

Anyway, here is the slideshow that was generated. Depending on how you are set up, you might want to lower the default volume. You can also click on YouTube at the bottom right to see it larger or even in full screen.

I promise; this is the end of the &^$# tractor photos. /wink/


Tabor said...

I have Lightroom and use it a little when I shoot in raw, but really need a class to fully integrate it to my Paintshop Elements package.

TexWisGirl said...

it presents very well!

Mage said...

I need lots of classes. You look good with a camera on there at the end. :)

Anvilcloud said...

Not me, Mage: my BIL. I'm cuter. ;)

Lorna Cunningham-Rushton said...

music credits? I really like this music.