Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Early Spring Photos

It's not the best time of year for photography. The snow has mostly gone, and the colour has yet to make an appearance. Many days are still quite chilly and don't exactly beckon for one to linger in the great outdoors.

However, I do sometimes port my camera with me and snap some incidental pictures. A number of my photos, I convert to black and white since there isn't much colour anyway.

These first two were of the mixture of ice, water and rock in the Mississippi River at Almonte: the little town about 10-15 minutes north of us.

The next two are buildings in Almonte. The Barley Mow is a restaurant on the water's edge. It has a nice outdoor patio by the rushing water, and good use is made of it in summer. The second is of the Old Town Hall.

Good Friday was the warmest day in more than 4 months, so Sue and I took a little stroll in our town: Carleton Place.

Above: our reflection in a window of Reads bookstore across the street. Apparently, reading helps one to be reflective. :)

Below: I was taken with this signage in the window of the local Dry Cleaners. There are 3 signs in the window, 2 on the awning (one faded but somewhat visible), and at least 2 in the reflection. There may be 1 other in the reflection of the window, but I can't tell. Anyway, there are at least 7 signs in the photo.

On the next day, temperature plummeted and the wind picked up. We grabbed coffee and a sandwich at Tims and took our snack to the river where we sat in the car and watched the geese. The river is just beyond the background grasses in the photo, but this pair kept busy snacking from the little meltwater ponds. She (I presume) ate the whole time while he (I presume) stood guard. Considering the time of year, she may be in a family way and eating for something like 5. :)


ADRIAN said...

Thanks, I enjoyed these especially the first and last.

Linda Kay said...

Reading helps one to be reflective? How cute to accompany your picture. Love the black and whites with the frozen water.

Tabor said...

You do have a photographers eye. Good job!!

TexWisGirl said...

love the 1st, 4th and last shots! :)

Country Gal said...

You should be able to photograph in black & white with your camera instead of changing them to B&W on the computer and what ever program you use in raw form not JPEG and then just touch them up a bit . Still wonderful shots though ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

troutbirder said...

The black and white works fine. It's been cloudy and cold here for days. My digital photos just look dreary and all the bluebirds look black...:(

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Winter dies look food in monochrome, but still needs to be gone now so the colors of spring can dominate. Great comment about the book store reflect and 7 signs is 6 too many.