Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pool Time

It's been quite awhile between posts. That has a lot to do with our current busyness with the kids. We have both of them for these first two weeks in July. After this we'll have two weeks of recuperation before our next week-long stint.

We are following the same pattern as we did in early July last year. We take them to swimming class every day. Danica has approached lessons the way she approaches everything -- with enthusiasm and great gusto. As well as deeply loving this kid, I admire her. On top of everything else, she's a happy kid, almost never moody or down.

Here she jumps off the diving board.

Next, she goes the length of the pool using a floatie board, but she's also doing well with her straight swimming. I will likely post some video clips when I have a bit more time next week.

For several afternoons we have also been visiting the neighbour's pool. These are some shots from today. JJ made great strides today after being rather fearful in class. It takes the boy awhile to feel secure in new situations.

Here they are both jumping in. I jumped in with them a few times as well. Thank goodness the camera batteries failed by then.

After morning lessons, we generally try to do something treatful. We've been for ice cream and gone to McDonalds as well as Tim Hortons. Today, we bought Dani a new, desperately needed, swimsuit at Walmart. The following photos were taken at A&W at the end of the first week.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Full fun days for all four.

Bernie said...

The girl child doesn't appear to be frightened of anything, that is something to be admired.
The boy child is sweet and sensitive and that too is to be admired. xo

Donna said...

They both are Wonderful kids! How Fun!
Would love to put in a pool...but can you say "more work"???Hahaaa

Gina said...

Good plan, tire them out early with the swimming! :)

Jimmie Earl said...

Great Pics and loads of fun for you. Enjoy the rest of the summer. It's passing all too fast!

Ginnie said...

Your last two photos are definitely "Keepers" ...what an album your grandchildren will have.

Kila said...