Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brainy Kid

One PA day or snow day, Danica decided that she should do schoolwork. She kept me very busy at the computer, thinking and typing worksheets.

So, at the next opportunity, we checked out the learning aids at Chapters and purchased Brain Quest Grade 1.

This posed no problem for brainy girl, and she's ripped through it with no problem. She's not quite into the busy work, like colouring, that many kids would enjoy, so we have skipped some exercises, but she's effectively completed the book -- fairly easily.

Fortunately, we have another book at our disposal. It's a Canadian book -- greater variety, more difficult and challenging -- so we'll see how it goes.

I don't force her to do this against her will, but if she's ready to give it 20 minutes., I'll sit with her and help her out as need be. She likes to race, so I sometimes need to clarify the task, which she can usually do fairly well. I notice the author's name is Kenny. I had a prof named Kenny a million years ago when I was in teachers college. I wouldn't be surprised it they're related.

After a two-week break, we are back with the kids this week. We will then have a three-week break. I imagine that Sue's almost daily pictorial updates will resume shortly.


Lorna said...

I'm on my way to Chapters.ca

Put those words to any nursery rhyme tune and try not to be annoyed with me.

Regenia said...

She sounds like a little sponge!