Sunday, July 28, 2013

AC's Coffee Budget Skyrockets

About a month ago, Sue lined up at Tim Hortons to get a free Tassimo. It necessitated a $40 purchase of various coffee discs, but the freebie seemed like a good deal. So, she lined up and was one of the last ones in line for the free coffee maker.

Since then, our budget for coffee has increased substantially. We are now spending about the same per week as we used to per month.


Well, the coffee is so darn good. That's why! In the past, sometimes, my morning coffee would be quite good, but it was only fair and just a habit much of the time. Now, I really enjoy my morning coffee. Yum.

But I would gladly pay you on Tuesday if you could loan me some coffee money today.

(Do you know where that modified line originated, at least for me?)


Donna said...

Whimpy!!!Hahaaa...What a fun memory...him and those darn hamburgers.
I'll confess now...I pay $18 dollars a pound for our coffee. We use a Capresso coffee maker and the coffee beans are fantastic. "LaMinita" beans.

Hilary said...

Sure do.. but it was about hamburgers. :)

I have a problem with coffee makers of any kind with plastic parts. At least anything newer than five years. I always taste the plasticky chemical smell that is so present in new machines. No matter what I do with them.. clean with soapy water, run cycles with vinegar, scrub with baking soda, plead with them. I just gave an $80 coffee maker away on Freecycle because I could not get rid of that taste. I think some people are more sensitive to it than others. Frank and I seem to both notice it. I think we'll get an old fashioned metal percolator.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WOuld not have known the origins of that line, AC, so glad that Donna provided the answer. We also enjoy coffee and i fear that if were to buy one of the ones you mentioned that our coffee budget would also increase.

Lorna said...

...for which I will gladly repay you on tuesday

I never borrow money without saying that.

Money on good coffee is never a waste---I don't know anyone with a Tassimo who doesn't love it.

Bernie said...

I have had a Tassimo for almost 2 years now and love it. I buy the regular, French vanilla and Tim Horton's packages every 2 weeks. I seldom go to Tim's anymore as the Tassimo coffee is just as good. I did notice my coffee budget at first but not any more, you just get use to it. Love my morning coffee! xo

Linda Braun said...

I like my coffee strong enough to keep a spoon upright in it so I fear that a machine with pre-measured amounts of grounds just wouldn't work for me.

troutbirder said...

I can relate. My home brew doesn't measure up any more to our local "Kwik Trip" convenience stores...:(

Mara said...

And here I am, drinking hardly any coffee and if I do, instant decaf! There are no Starbucks/Tim Horton's or any other coffee shops in my part of the world and the ones that do sell coffee only sell regular. I do own a coffee maker (courtesy the parentals), but since I only drink so little, I have it stored away!

Regenia said...

I read this and a few other blogs yesterday while having my morning coffee. I didn't have time to respond, but I do love a good cup of coffee so it sounded interesting. We have used a French press for a couple of years now and really like it. I will be looking for friends who have that coffee maker so I can try a cup of their coffee.

Finn Felton said...

These french coffee makers is a nice buy and worth the money.The filter is a little clumsy.Well it makes about three good cups of coffee at a time.

Finn Felton

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