Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Before the Crowds

Before being gobsmacked by the crowds at the Festival of the Maples, we met Brian and Heather at Wheelers. After a leisurely and chatty breakfast over pancakes, sausages and plenty of maple syrup, we ambled about the property seeing what we could see. The women did their thing, and Brian and I, the amateur photogs, did ours.

So, what I have to offer today are your basic wandering around pictures. Occasionally, I would catch a glimpse of the ladies and take a shot — mostly of their behinds as it eventuated.

Heather was enthralled with the alpaca who made cute sounds to her.

I wished he was a llama, for then I would have called him god and said, "Behold the llama god."
And I would have thought myself clever.

They are looking at an old Model T, which I have posted several times previously. This time I ignored Tin Lizzie.
I hope she forgives me.

In the far distance, the ladies check out the blacksmith shop and saunter by various farm relics.
And here are the Brian pics as he wandered about snapping this, that and the other thing.

I think Brian was checking the picture that he just took of the alpaca (and not the llama god).

Walking behind a setup of the ancient method of boiling maple syrup.

Brian checks out a shed containing an old-style syrup boiler.

This is the inside. The sign over the furnace informs us that it could produce 3 litres per hour.


Mary Gilmour said...

I love the last shot - the ochres and deep tones. Really clever!
But I have vowed never to let myself be photographed from behind and below. The ladies ought to smack you one.
Nice alpaca, too. I guess that's a new addition this year? Do they have the sheep shut away with new lambs or were they gone?

Donna said...

Hummm...with all that wood stored up, is it still a working maple farm?
Love the alpaca/llama/camel looking things...Hahaaa

Hilary said...

Funny you. :)

Looks like a great place to wander with a camera. Did you eat there? I can just hear it now...

Dear should we buy lunch at the festival?

No, alpaca picnic lunch for all of us.

Nah, you're funnier. ;)

Lorna said...

You and Hilary---duelling punsters.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Seems like you might have an equal punster in Hilary, AC.

KGMom said...

Booboo--the llama god. Really!
Anyway, did you get reprimanded for the rear shots?

Frank Baron said...

Looks like a pleasant outing. (I laughed at "llama god.")

troutbirder said...

Looks like a fun spring day. We also enjoyed our spring which lasted about three days as I look out on our deck and about two feet of snow...

Shammickite said...

I love going to those maple syrup festivals, there's one near us every spring at Bruce's Mill Conservation Area. Haven't been to it for a couple of years, so I'll have to make a point of going in 2014. but I don't think they have llama gods there, pity.

Ginnie said...

I love your "walk around" photos, AC. It lets me visit areas I will never see in person.