Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sarah's Wedding

As Facebook followers will know, we attended the wedding of Sue's niece, Sarah, last weekend.The venue of both the ceremony and reception was the in the hall of a marina on Lake Ontario, which became particularly picturesque as the sun set.

We did experience a slight problem when the DJ didn't show up on time. Eventually he did appear, and we were ready to begin, except after the party marched down the aisle, he fumbled for quite awhile in search of the bridal march piece. Consequently the bride and her father had quite a time a contemplate and breathe deeply.

Danica was a flower girl and I rather doubt that it will surprise anyone to know that she was quite enthusiastic in her duties. Rather than present many photos, I have combined seven photos into one collage with a little description below.

Above: top left and bottom right, Danica poses sedately and demurely before the ceremony. The centre and top right photo show her enjoying the dance with gusto. Middle left: she dances with Buppa after her feet gave out in her new shoes. Middle right: she and JJ mimic the adults in a slow dance. Bottom left: she dances with JJ and her cousin, Frances. Since I don't believe I have every said it before, let me say it now: I love this kid.

JJ was all spiffed up too and also enjoyed himself.

Several photos from the next day.

Above: JJ and Danica in a tree — naturally.
Below: Amma and Danica with her cousin, Gemma.

Below: Sue with her sister, Heather and Heather's granddaughter, Gemma.

I don't know why it took me all week to post, but it did.


Kit Gana said...

cute wedding pics ;-)
Thanks for the share..Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed!!

New England Weddings

Hilary said...

That kidlet sure does embrace life.

Donna said...

Glad things sorted themselves out! Beautiful girl...
Love all the snaps of the kiddos!
It seems the weeks are just flying by!

RV Vagabonds said...

This post was worth waiting for; love the photos of the bride attempting to stay calm. And the collage of Danica enjoying herself are wonderful. Big surprise that you love those kids. ;)

Diana said...

You did great with the photos A.C. as I can see the "Bridal Nerves!" in your photos, very good shots!!
But I have to say, my favorite was the tree photo. I just love that one. I'm glad you all had a good time.
Love Di ♥

Pearl said...

she looks thrilled to do her role.

some weeks are like that. big social excursions tends to slow down the blogging for me at least.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

A week goes by so quickly and the post were worth the wait, but for us it wasn't a wait. And yes, sort of suspected how you loved the grandkids. In fact, you may have mentioned it just once or twice before...