Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some Recent Photos

It's time for AC to drop back into Blogdom to post a few photos that he has recently snapped in his meanderings. There's a variety here. I hope you see some that you like.

We met Elsie at our Farmers Market on Saturday. She gave us a wonderful talk and demo about her Encaustic art, using beeswax and heat. She was trying to recruit kids 11 and over for her summer course at the local art school. She also teaches adults in the winter, which may be why she was keen to talk to AC and Cuppa.

A side view of one of the many local chip trucks. This one doesn't move despite the fact that it's an old truck. It's my fave chippy due both to the fine fries and the fact that they have picnic tables plus a canopy. which are not visible in this photo.

It's dandelion season in the Ottawa Valley.  As suburban gardeners fight almost futilely against these weeds, local farmers grow them in abundance on their fallow fields. I drove past this field two days before I got back to take this photo. If I had managed to get there sooner, the field would have been even more yellow.

I found this barn behind the shops in Balderson when Cuppa and her company were busy browsing through the stores. I browsed too, but my browsing doesn't take nearly as long.

Opposite the barn of the previous photo under shade trees, I found this old shed-like structure, and it is probably my favourite of the lot. Although I normally tend towards bright, saturated colours, I like the more subdued tones here. In addition to the shade, it was overcast right then, and I think I captured that mood fairly well.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

ON the field of "weeds" I see a black dot in the far mid distance. Could it be a bear. When I see such dark spots in my field a 1/2 mile away it invariably is a bear.

I love old building. I always wish someone would fix them up and find a use for them. I particularly like the tiny barn, perhaps once a home of a horse with the shelter on the side for the davenport or buckboard.

Donna said...

Oh I want some fries!Hahaa....
Love these shots Ac. Hope you all are well and sassy!

Hilary said...

Some fine photos here, AC. And the brilliant colours in the first one sure makes up for the more subdued shades in the last one.

Diana said...

Well A.C. it's hard to pick a fave here but if I must!!!
I loved the photo of Elsie. I could feel her enthusiasm right through the photo! She seemed infectious in a good way!
I also loved the barn and old shed. What can I say, I've got a thing for old buildings, especially exploring them.
The chip truck looked like something nostalgic that you may see on Old Rt. 66 in the U.S.
Very nice,and I still can't pick a fave! Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

I like them all but I love the ones of the barn and old building. There is just something about them that speak to me......:-)Hugs

Jimmie Earl said...

The old red barn gets my vote. Looks like a lot of barns around my area. I was told by a farmer in my area that it is cheaper to let the old ones fall down, or tear them down, after they finally lose their tax exemption status, then build a new "pole barn" which is so much durable. Maybe they are more durable, but they sure aren't picturesque like the old ones. Thanks for sharing!

Regenia said...

It is interesting that you uset he term "chips" for fries! I don't think I knew that was the case in Canada. Your area has some very, very beautiful, scenic spots. Must be a perfect place for a photographer.

Jinksy said...

Suddenly, my drop down list link to your blog stopped working, so I've had a round about route to get to see you today! LOL Love the old van, and would like to taste its wares, given the chance. ♥